Sunday, 30 September 2012

Still alive

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I am terrible at blogging. Once again I fall into that trap of writing lots here when nothing happens, and then when things do happen I can't seem to write anything at all. I don't even have time now, I'm about to take the train to Belfast to meet up with my old housemates from first year for a fancy dinner somewhere followed up by drinks. The perfect ending to a very calm weekend (we had a take-away and tv-night last night instead of going out like normal young people. We weren't feeling well, really.)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Ten reasons to smile 5.0

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One - University starts in less than a week! I feel so ready to study and take lots of great notes and read all the recommended reading as soon as I get home from my lectures rather than waiting until a week before exams.

Two - I have several pairs of whole tights. This may seem silly but I've been promoted from wearing tights full of holes to nice, new, still-completely-whole tights. It's one of the best feelings ever.

Three - It's pretty much autumn now. I keep catching myself thinking it's still August, and then I realise that no, it's actually one of my favourite months ever. Just the word autumn could lead to another ten sub-reasons to smile, but I feel like maybe that would be cheating. So, to keep it brief; hot food, scarves, good tv, coziness, best fashion season, pumpkin galore, back to school-feeling, good colours, cinnamon on all edible stuff, warmth inside, cold outside.

Four - Also autumn means it's only fourteen weeks until Christmas. I've already started planning Christmas gifts.

Five - To be going to work. It's not a glamorous job and I'm certainly not becoming rich but I'm so happy to have a job. Plus I have the best colleagues and (sometimes) customers.

Six - Saying that, I am very grateful to have a lie-in on Thursday because I'm working late!

Seven - Plans. It's all very secret, but I know and it's a reason to smile.

Eight - Coming home after work and having dinner made for you. Good, homemade dinners that someone else has organised.

Nine - Train trips are made for waking up properly, eating a banana, reading a book or subtly staring at your co-passengers.

Ten - Buying gifts. One of the best things about having money. Guess who's started planning Christmas presents?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

week 37

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The week has gone by so quickly, there is just no time for writing anything on this blog. Not that there is a huge amount to write about. I finished another book which I will write about here at some point. I had a fire drill at work right before I was supposed to finish for the day and had to stay a lot longer than I wanted to. My boyfriend and I returned to our "operation eating healthy" and it is so much harder to not eat lots of buns and cakes when you know that you shouldn't eat them.

So far my fashion rules are going very well. Almost too well. I had convinced Steve to bring me to an outlet shopping centre today in hope of getting a couple of great bargains and I left with absolutely nothing. Every time I picked up a piece of clothing I found myself thinking "do I really need this?" The answer is more often than not "no". (This makes me feel like a great person sticking to their decisions but the feat of not buying clothes today probably diminishes when reminded of the fact that I bought a scarf and earrings yesterday. Still, accessories was part of my decision, so I forgive myself for that.) Also, as it is an outlet, most of the clothes offered were suited for a summer wardrobe (which I barely like even in the summer) and very little was in my size. Plus I had a boyfriend waiting outside on a bench together with a number of other boyfriends/husbands. How very stereotypical. 

I've worked an extra 17,5 hours at work plus a couple of days of annual leave so that I can be paid full-time for another two weeks once university has started, yet have time to go to all of my classes. Very handy. I also received my thesis supervisor yesterday and I can't complain. Going back to university has felt very far away for so many months but it suddenly dawned upon me that I only have another week of freedom before the pressure of final year sets in. (As if it hasn't already). In all honesty I love the excitement of going back to school. I like getting into new routines, new notepads and new modules. As a bonus point I have chosen all of my modules this year which means no weak subjects to sweat over. (Yes, Biology, I'm looking at you.) 

At some point when I have time left over I would like to do a small makeover of this blog. I chose the colours in February when I had a crush on spring and the promise of warmer weather. Now I just want shades of gray and a have-a-cup-of-tea-and-a-warm-sweater kind of feeling on this blog. We'll see. 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashion decisions

This is quite a shallow post, and not really about my life or anything like that. So possibly not interesting at all for many of my regular readers who peak at my blog just to make sure that I'm, you know, still living and sleeping regular times etc.

I can't be bothered writing properly because after a full working week (+ x hours overtime) my head feels pretty melted. My brain's like ice cream. Every second a little bit more melts away and I'm writing without any second thoughts about petty things like grammar, incorrect choices of words or curiously long sentences.

As I am typing this I am also trying to make a few sensible fashion decisions. I have a major issue with clothes. And money. It's mainly a money-problem but it has disastrous consequences for my wardrobe. My life story goes something like this: Get money, buy a bunch of things that I want spur of the moment-style and then never want to wear again, run out of money, have no clothes that I like for four months and then boom, I get money again.

So I've decided to give myself rules.

I need to stretch the items I already have. As in try wearing the dresses I have with sweaters on top. Update my summer wardrobe with tights. Try layering my t-shirts. I have a ridiculous amount of clothes and I'm sure some of it is perfectly fine to wear even though it's hard to believe sometimes.

I will focus on buying pieces that I can see myself wearing for a long long time. (Here's where my promise of buying a trenchcoat comes in handy. Definitely long-lasting fall-piece.) That said, I'm allowed to give into trends, but not ridiculous ones that won't last longer than a season and I'm definitely not allowed to spend bigger amounts of money on it.

Also focus on buying accessories rather than a new stripey t-shirts. "Hello, my name is Nicole and I have about seven stripey t-shirts hanging in my current wardrobe. And yes, they are all white and marine." That tenner that I previously spent on an unassuming t-shirt will now be spent on belts, necklaces or scarves.

No money spending midweek. It's not a good idea to come home tired after work and buying a little "pick me up". It's fine to look at clothes during the week (in fact, this is encouraged to make even more sensible fashion choices) but no spending.

I am not allowed to look at clothes, pick a few items that I would like to have and then buy them immediately. Instead I will pick my clothes, and then wait a day so that my brain has a chance to interfere with any unnecessary and possibly unhealthy buys. I can't count how many times I have decided to buy something, then gotten held up and not returned to my laptop until the day after only to think "that sequin sweater really won't be worn that much" and removed it from my online shopping cart.

There we go. Five new rules to live my life by. Speaking of my life, I'm still living and sleeping at regular times. Just so you know.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


I want this print from Miss Capricho.

In August I started working at my new job. I now get up at quarter to seven each morning, I wear pencil skirts and blouses almost everyday and I make salads with pasta or tuna that I put in small containers for easy lunch at work. During my morning break I have a cup of coffee (almost every day), I take turns going on lunch early and I scribble all my customers' names on a notepad so that I can remember them later. All in all, I love all these new routines.

In August I got my first pay for a very long time. The first thing I did was to buy foundation, concealer and mascara, and today I felt so good about myself when I realised that my face wasn't shiny with grease by the end of the work day. What am I doing with the rest of the money? Planning. I look at things online, consider buying them, and then I leave the website. Planning is almost better than buying. 

In August my mom visited for five whole days. I kept her company while she shopped for eight hours straight and as a reward she got me a white dress. Two of the days she made me and Steve dinner so that when we came home from work there was food ready for the table. Even the day that she left for the airport I came home to find dinner, ready to be heated up even though she wasn't there. One of the days she went on a Belfast tour and spent the entire evening telling us facts about Belfast that we already knew.

In August I cut my hair so that it only reaches my collarbones, which feels like a pretty big step from having hair that covered almost all of my back. I realised the other night that I miss my long hair, but I don't regret cutting it at all. It feels so much healthier, and washing my hair is still a novelty. The new plan is to let it grow a little longer (but not quite as long as before) as slowly as possible, keeping it nice and healthy. 

In August I moved out of my beloved flat in Belfast and me and Steve are temporarily living with his parents. It was not what I had planned, but I don't want to rush into a home that isn't right for us. I don't like having all of my things packed into boxes, but I do like not having to worry about heating or TV bills. And new things are on the horizon.