Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashion decisions

This is quite a shallow post, and not really about my life or anything like that. So possibly not interesting at all for many of my regular readers who peak at my blog just to make sure that I'm, you know, still living and sleeping regular times etc.

I can't be bothered writing properly because after a full working week (+ x hours overtime) my head feels pretty melted. My brain's like ice cream. Every second a little bit more melts away and I'm writing without any second thoughts about petty things like grammar, incorrect choices of words or curiously long sentences.

As I am typing this I am also trying to make a few sensible fashion decisions. I have a major issue with clothes. And money. It's mainly a money-problem but it has disastrous consequences for my wardrobe. My life story goes something like this: Get money, buy a bunch of things that I want spur of the moment-style and then never want to wear again, run out of money, have no clothes that I like for four months and then boom, I get money again.

So I've decided to give myself rules.

I need to stretch the items I already have. As in try wearing the dresses I have with sweaters on top. Update my summer wardrobe with tights. Try layering my t-shirts. I have a ridiculous amount of clothes and I'm sure some of it is perfectly fine to wear even though it's hard to believe sometimes.

I will focus on buying pieces that I can see myself wearing for a long long time. (Here's where my promise of buying a trenchcoat comes in handy. Definitely long-lasting fall-piece.) That said, I'm allowed to give into trends, but not ridiculous ones that won't last longer than a season and I'm definitely not allowed to spend bigger amounts of money on it.

Also focus on buying accessories rather than a new stripey t-shirts. "Hello, my name is Nicole and I have about seven stripey t-shirts hanging in my current wardrobe. And yes, they are all white and marine." That tenner that I previously spent on an unassuming t-shirt will now be spent on belts, necklaces or scarves.

No money spending midweek. It's not a good idea to come home tired after work and buying a little "pick me up". It's fine to look at clothes during the week (in fact, this is encouraged to make even more sensible fashion choices) but no spending.

I am not allowed to look at clothes, pick a few items that I would like to have and then buy them immediately. Instead I will pick my clothes, and then wait a day so that my brain has a chance to interfere with any unnecessary and possibly unhealthy buys. I can't count how many times I have decided to buy something, then gotten held up and not returned to my laptop until the day after only to think "that sequin sweater really won't be worn that much" and removed it from my online shopping cart.

There we go. Five new rules to live my life by. Speaking of my life, I'm still living and sleeping at regular times. Just so you know.

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  1. Hey!
    I just came across your blog and I think you have a very good set of rules there! =) I definitely need to get some of my own, but I doubt that I would actually live by them. Oh well!
    Hope the rules work out for you! =D
    Have a lovely day and congrats on your fabulous blog!

    p.s.: I also have a blog, if you want to check it out, it's: =)