Monday, 17 September 2012

Ten reasons to smile 5.0

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One - University starts in less than a week! I feel so ready to study and take lots of great notes and read all the recommended reading as soon as I get home from my lectures rather than waiting until a week before exams.

Two - I have several pairs of whole tights. This may seem silly but I've been promoted from wearing tights full of holes to nice, new, still-completely-whole tights. It's one of the best feelings ever.

Three - It's pretty much autumn now. I keep catching myself thinking it's still August, and then I realise that no, it's actually one of my favourite months ever. Just the word autumn could lead to another ten sub-reasons to smile, but I feel like maybe that would be cheating. So, to keep it brief; hot food, scarves, good tv, coziness, best fashion season, pumpkin galore, back to school-feeling, good colours, cinnamon on all edible stuff, warmth inside, cold outside.

Four - Also autumn means it's only fourteen weeks until Christmas. I've already started planning Christmas gifts.

Five - To be going to work. It's not a glamorous job and I'm certainly not becoming rich but I'm so happy to have a job. Plus I have the best colleagues and (sometimes) customers.

Six - Saying that, I am very grateful to have a lie-in on Thursday because I'm working late!

Seven - Plans. It's all very secret, but I know and it's a reason to smile.

Eight - Coming home after work and having dinner made for you. Good, homemade dinners that someone else has organised.

Nine - Train trips are made for waking up properly, eating a banana, reading a book or subtly staring at your co-passengers.

Ten - Buying gifts. One of the best things about having money. Guess who's started planning Christmas presents?

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