Saturday, 15 September 2012

week 37

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The week has gone by so quickly, there is just no time for writing anything on this blog. Not that there is a huge amount to write about. I finished another book which I will write about here at some point. I had a fire drill at work right before I was supposed to finish for the day and had to stay a lot longer than I wanted to. My boyfriend and I returned to our "operation eating healthy" and it is so much harder to not eat lots of buns and cakes when you know that you shouldn't eat them.

So far my fashion rules are going very well. Almost too well. I had convinced Steve to bring me to an outlet shopping centre today in hope of getting a couple of great bargains and I left with absolutely nothing. Every time I picked up a piece of clothing I found myself thinking "do I really need this?" The answer is more often than not "no". (This makes me feel like a great person sticking to their decisions but the feat of not buying clothes today probably diminishes when reminded of the fact that I bought a scarf and earrings yesterday. Still, accessories was part of my decision, so I forgive myself for that.) Also, as it is an outlet, most of the clothes offered were suited for a summer wardrobe (which I barely like even in the summer) and very little was in my size. Plus I had a boyfriend waiting outside on a bench together with a number of other boyfriends/husbands. How very stereotypical. 

I've worked an extra 17,5 hours at work plus a couple of days of annual leave so that I can be paid full-time for another two weeks once university has started, yet have time to go to all of my classes. Very handy. I also received my thesis supervisor yesterday and I can't complain. Going back to university has felt very far away for so many months but it suddenly dawned upon me that I only have another week of freedom before the pressure of final year sets in. (As if it hasn't already). In all honesty I love the excitement of going back to school. I like getting into new routines, new notepads and new modules. As a bonus point I have chosen all of my modules this year which means no weak subjects to sweat over. (Yes, Biology, I'm looking at you.) 

At some point when I have time left over I would like to do a small makeover of this blog. I chose the colours in February when I had a crush on spring and the promise of warmer weather. Now I just want shades of gray and a have-a-cup-of-tea-and-a-warm-sweater kind of feeling on this blog. We'll see. 

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