Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bedroom angst

Last night I decided to relax by doing some planning for how to decorate my house. I've had my bedroom decorated in my head for months - and all the products that I needed were picked out. I just needed to know that I was definitely getting my house and do some online ordering. 

Unfortunately it turns out that the bedding that I wanted is no longer sold. I'm ashamed to admit it but I was distraught. It took me a very long time to find that particular type of bedding and it doesn't seem like an easy task to find a suitable replacement. So now I'm considering abandoning my previous plan and going for a completely different style. 

From my Pinterest.

Contemporary, simple IKEA-glory with lots of gray and white? Lexington-meets-boy-with-scouting-badges (checkered bedding and lots of natural accents)? Please bare with me and my nonsensical descriptions of rooms. I'm sure it's difficult to imagine without any pictures. The issue is that we will have dark walls in a warm, slate colour in the bedroom because our heart is already set on it and I want to experiment with one non-white room. Additionally, we probably can't afford a new bed and so taking Steve's current bed in his parents' house seems like the most likely option (which is a great, comfortable and very expensive bed). This bed has a beige-y type of fabric covering the headboard. In other words, in a perfect world both the bedding and the walls should fit naturally with the rest of the room. Oh, it can't be too expensive either. 

Piece of cake.

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