Sunday, 7 October 2012

Happy 3-years anniversary Belfast

Today is exactly three years since I moved into my very own flat in Belfast. I may have moved out of that rat-infested (and unfortunately lacking any kind of insulation) godforsaken flat and now I'm out of Belfast as well but it still holds a very special place in my heart. I will always prefer Belfast to Dublin, no matter what others think. It's a small and intimate city, yet it has pretty much anything you'd ever need. Belfast has the charm of that town not yet discovered by the tourist masses and as such it still has the curiosity and welcoming aspect that a bigger city spoiled with tourists now lacks.

In Belfast I've had such good times over the last few years, especially once I became a university student but even before that. It's the most welcoming city I can think of and I hope that I will always feel at home when I'm there. Obviously there's a downside to living there, the expense and the fact that living in a university area does not always have a great appeal... But I do miss it. The closeness of anything that you could possibly need. There was a time that me and Steve had drinks and then decided that we wanted Mexican food at 2 am. It took us less than two minutes to find an open burrito-place. Who can't love a city where there's always burritos available? (I can't vouch for the quality of the food though.) I have walked home alone in the middle of the night several times without ever feeling scared and that is so rare in a city.

And at this time of the year I'm always extra grateful for Belfast because it's at its best in early October. With the flaming red trees and the excited buzz coming from students who haven't yet spent their entire student loan, Belfast really shapes up in comparison to the rest of the year. Oh Belfast, you babe. We're still going strong after three years together and I'm so happy for everything that you have given me; friends, home, unforgettable memories, slightly dodgy food, and multiple take-away coffees from Botanic Avenue. What more could I ask from you?

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