Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Reading week Wednesday

Today I've been to a birthday party for Steve's youngest niece who turned two years old today. (She is one of very few people in this country that I have known since birth and so I consider her birthday a huge deal.) The actual birthday party was at one of those indoor-playground-style locations that you rent and then games and food are organised for you. This meant other kids ran about as well. When I was helping someone with their food I suddenly felt a sneeze on the back of my knee. I looked down and this random kid was grinning up at me, traces of snot on him (the rest of it presumably on my tights). I felt positively ill. Fair enough if it's snot belonging to someone I know...

Also, despite stuffing myself all day I now want food. Soup, to be more specific. Weird craving.

Picture from my Pinterest.

I am not going out tonight because Steve wouldn't be able to join me and also I can't be bothered. Instead I've been enjoying answering the door to trick-or-treaters and handing out sweets. (And stealing some for myself in between visitors.) Obviously this simultaneously allows me to daydream about this time next year, for which I plan to turn my house into the haunted house and any trick-or-treaters peering in will see nothing but cobweb and spooky shadows shuffling about in the background. (Steve getting drinks, no doubt.) At that point I'll appear with sweets, witch outfit and preferably a black cat in my arms. We'll be known as the neighborhood weirdos.

House planning has progressed immensely. Panicking has reached new heights as I realise how small my budget is for this house and there will not be much bedroom-choosing as I can't really afford anything for it. Joy! (Sarcasm aside, it's still really fun to plan my house. House decorating on a tight budget - I have never turned down a challenge before. Unless it involves exercising.)

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