Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ten reasons to smile 6.0

I need one of these today and I'm not even sure why. Go go happy blog post, make me cheerful!

One - Eight days left of waiting and it might not be good news but at least it'll be NEWS.

Two - I have decided on my Halloween costume and it's the perfect balance of tapping in to some type of creativity, not too expensive and is a favourite of mine. And I don't think anyone else is likely to dress the same but it's also not obscure. Like Steve's. I don't even know what he's dressing up as and I'm helping him with the costume.

Three - I'm off today which means I'm treating myself to watching Gilmore Girls (on seventh and last season now, getting dangerously close to not having anything to watch) before I start studying.

Four - My thesis project is on a brilliant subject. Well, I mean, I think so. Anyone else interested in children's phoneme recognition? You should be.

Five - Bruce (my iPhone) is still whole which may seem perfectly normal since I got him less than six days ago but let me tell you, I'm actually a bit surprised. Accident-prone is my middle name.

Six - I'm having pizza today, my new favourite thing to have for dinner. I use a recipe from a beautiful mess and it is unbelievably easy. Apart from making the pizza anything like a circle shape. I have yet to master that.

Seven - I was sitting here, writing my blog post and minding my own business when suddenly a head popped up, right next to me, on the other side of the window. I nearly got a heart attack but the more I think of it, the funnier it is. My face must've been priceless to the window cleaner. Shouldn't they warn you first though?

Eight - Two of my driving lessons are finished and I've survived them both. Next one is tomorrow and I'm terrified. But the odds are with me, I'm likely to survive this one too.

Nine - I made cinnamon buns the other day with fresh yeast rather than the yeast I found in Steve's mom's cupboard and they turned out good! So it's not my baking ability that's suffering, it's old yeast that's suffering, if that even makes sense.

Ten - Making an effort to thinking of these tiny things that make me happy really worked. It sounds like the window cleaners are trying to break in downstairs but I'm keeping calm and I'll die happy if it turns out that they're actually here for murder and robbery. Good stuff! (By the way, nine and a half weeks left until Christmas!)

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  1. Hoppas dagen fortsatt bra! :) när kommer du till Sverige nästa gång? :D