Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas wishlist for our home

Today marks the day of getting better! I felt so well today that I managed to get outerwear on (after about three different types of pain killers) and walked down to the butcher's and bought meatballs. (Because they make the best meatballs ever - and yes, this village has a butcher's. The family-owned-since-a-million-years-ago kind, so quaint!) Unfortunately I have not felt so well that my essay is finished. It's possibly the slowest written essay of all times, partly because I've been sick but also because I have no motivation.

Instead I've been on the H&M website (I want a pair of yellow jeans, why not?) and realised that their Home section isn't too bad. It's quite small, but I do find things here and there that I'd like for our new house.

Cushions for our bedroom and a storage box to throw stuff into. (I figure the best way to tackle our messiness is to provide us with lots of easy ways to keep our house tidy). Is it just me who wants to decorate everything in neutral colours and with lots of textures? Must be something about the holiday season that's about to start.

I'm also starting to realise that my kitchen may not turn out as the white Scandinavian dream that I've always wanted. The cupboards in our kitchen are new but in an orangey-wooden colour (possibly teak?). I've decided that I'm going to try to balance it out with a lot of metals. So here's some pricey and less pricey things that I'd like for our kitchen.

Vase from Zara Home, clock from Vandashop and an Advent candleholder from Georg Jensen (found at, my new favourite unaffordable place.) Stark contrast from what I want for my bedroom. I clearly don't believe in having a coherent interior style in my house, I just see every room as an opportunity for something different. Or maybe it is all very much one style, I just can't see it myself. Sometimes it's tricky to be objective when discussing one's own taste. (In one of our many discussions about which way to decorate our house Steve blurted out that everything I like looks so "New York" and "bloggy"(??) - he's got some serious inside knowledge of my brain, that man.) 

Everything can be found on my Pinterest product wishlist board where more stuff can be found that I would like in our house. How did people live their lives without Pinterest?! So 18th century, writing stuff down on paper.

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