Friday, 2 November 2012

Favourite hobby

Yesterday I convinced Steve to use some of his flexi-time so that he could leave work early and then go to IKEA with me.

This is what we do on our IKEA trips:

- Eat meatballs. I've calculated that Steve had about 27 of them. I had six. I'm not exaggerating for the sake of a dramatic post here people, it's a wonder he could stand up after such a meaty dinner.

- Buy an unnecessary kitchen tool because I flip and suddenly decide that I desperately want one. This time it was a garlic crusher.

- Try out couches and beds. To be fair, this time we really do need to get both a couch and a bed, so I think we're excused. I also have a little daydream each time we're there in which we lived in one of those rooms that IKEA style (like in 500 Days of Summer you know? Unfortunately Steve refuses to play along).

- Argue about what lamps to get. I think my boyfriend just argues for the sake of it at this stage though because I always end up winning the argument and getting all the lamps I want.

- Stroll around the food market, complain about the fact that IKEA sells almost exclusively their own branded food and then Steve bans me from buying Kalles Kaviar and I eventually agree. Because I guess processed fish eggs is gross when I stop and think about it.

P.S. I also got two throws, lots of wrapping paper, a cushion and the bedding that I really wanted (and my bedroom plan is now entirely back on track, woo!) Final result: Successful IKEA-trip, because now I have to go back in a month and get the rest of the stuff that we need.

P.P.S. This was a completely unnecessary post. I just really like talking about IKEA.

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