Monday, 5 November 2012

First November weekend

Once in a while you need a weekend that is the best even though very little happens.

> After Skyping with dad I got a real urge to watch an episode of the first season of Downton Abbey which I bought ages ago. It took me three days to finish the first season and the only reason that I haven't started the second one is because I don't have it yet. That shall be remedied tomorrow at HMV. Who else wants to plan a Downton Abbey-themed wedding? 

> The previously mentioned Skyping session with my dad on Saturday. (Best thing all weekend obviously.)

Picture from my Pinterest.

> Went to Tesco. I know that this may seem like a ridiculous thing to enjoy but I really like going to Tesco, okay? Plus I bought a couple of things. (Such as candy canes and "Nordic traditional Christmas decorations". In Sweden they're known as just "traditional decorations".)

> Had taco night. Taco night is the most amazing thing I've brought to Steve's life so far and he has completed my life by introducing me to sour cream. We're such a couple. (chubby couple)

> Watched Chernobyl Diaries which is the worst movie I've seen this year.

> Had dinner with Steve's sister and her family on Sunday night which was gorgeous. Pulled pork and BBQ beans would make any weekend brilliant. 

> Also I drove this morning and I failed when trying to break. On a hill. With cars behind me. Thankfully my driving instructor's super-speedy reflexes stopped me from rolling straight into the car behind me. Maybe not a great event but lets count the rapid rescue among the good things that belong to this past weekend.


  1. Haha, jag har också haft den oturen! Fett läskigt när körläraren slänger sig på bromsen och tar över allt, man känner sig så himla fail! :) men det kommer bara ta ett litet tag, sen har du koll på allt!