Friday, 16 November 2012


As sad as it sounds, I've spent the majority of my Friday night planning for Christmas presents. I've now bought more than half of my gifts (although not all of them are wrapped yet) and I'm thoroughly enjoying organising my Christmas way in advance. I'm hoping that this means that when December actually comes around I'll be able to squeeze in enjoying the Christmas spirit without any stress on top of painting and decorating the house, end-of-term coursework, driving test and exams. Speaking of Christmas, this gift is by far one of my personal favourites. It's just a small thing for one of Steve's superhero crazy nephews, although I'd like it for myself.

In fact, I found myself wanting a lot of the toys when I was browsing through them... Retro groceries for pretend play? Yes, please.

Picture from my Pinterest.

My brain is mush tonight. Other things I've done the past two days:

> Finished Downton Abbey and it was magical. Have I raved about this already? I watched the final episode of the third season and I was so pleased. Now I can't wait for the Christmas special... Or for time machines to be invented.

> Wrote an essay and a leaflet for it in two days. This is what I've spent the majority of my last 48 hours on (apart from sleeping). I had started a couple of times beforehand, but I couldn't get a grasp of the task and when I finally did I decided to start over entirely. It wasn't easy but at least this one is over. I have a presentation and another essay that I should probably get started on though.

> Went driving and it went terrible. At some point my brain stopped working and I nearly drove on the wrong side of the road. There's not much more to say... Apart from maybe good luck future pedestrians with me on the road.

> Convinced Steve that we should spent our Saturday in Lisburn. I haven't been there since I finished my summer job and I definitely miss the town. I could easily see myself living there.

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