Friday, 30 November 2012


November was definitely a weird one. I spent several weeks of it being sick - literally, illness upon illness in various forms, as soon as one was over another virus attacked me! So not the three-day deathly sickness kind, just weeks of being tired and miserable. And then I was so happy about the house at the start of the month but the mortgage process was taking so long and it felt like all we did was send more bank statements, more proof of having money and so on. University work suddenly showed up and was all 'hey, this needs to be completed in a few days' after lazying about most of October. All in all, parts of this month felt a little frustrating, but there was good times too.

Image from my Pinterest.

I finished all three seasons of Downton Abbey, and the Christmas special. That show totally stole my heart and I still catch myself thinking of how much I want to watch it. Luckily there's a final Christmas special on and I would sell my kidneys in exchange for watching it asap... Towards the end of the month I went out twice in Belfast with my friends and I had the best time. It's exactly what I needed after weeks of doing nothing. I finished The Handmaid's Tale and started 1984 (recurring theme of dystopian novels anyone). Steve and I had several little trips, we had breakfast around town and we went to IKEA and Lisburn. These trips really cheer me up. November mornings are cold but beautiful. Driving is still coming along nicely (theory test has been booked!) and best of all, Christmas is upon us. Yes. I am in full Christmas-mode from now on because now it is socially acceptable for me to go Christmas-mental. So naturally, I will.

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