Thursday, 1 November 2012


I have such a soft spot in my heart for October. May, September and December used to be my favourite months of the year - but I'm starting to wonder if October isn't pretty high up there on the list as well... Not only is October beautiful in this country (Northern Ireland, you're looking well in that orange outfit of your's) but there is so many great things that come with it; fall clothes, appropriate amounts of coffee- and teadrinking, amazing colours, Halloween and school is still exciting after the long summer hiatus.

All pictures from my Pinterest.

In October I finally received the news that we would get the house that we really wanted. In October me and Steve looked for our inner nerds and created a Star Wars themed Halloween costume. In October I started taking driving lessons again for the first time in six years. In October I finished Swimming Home and Brave New World. October was a really good month.

Here's hoping that November is just as good.

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