Monday, 12 November 2012

Ten reasons to smile 7.0

The last few posts have been a bit full of misery and complaining (kind of) and unfortunately this is another gray day spent in bed served with misunderstandings that require lengthy phone calls to clear up. (The bed and the misunderstandings have nothing to do with each other, it's just unfortunate that both happened on the same day). So I think it's time for a happy blog post!

One - Three of my Christmas presents are wrapped and another three were delivered today. Is it too early for going into full-blown Christmas mode? I think not. A month a year is not enough of Christmas anyway.

Two - Today it is exactly two weeks since we found out that we're getting the house. In other words, two weeks less to wait!

Three - My Christmas tree was delivered today, and oh my, I received the display tree that was used in the shop and they couldn't even bother undressing it before packing it into the carton. Free silver baubles? Why not, I say.

Four - I Skyped with my mom yesterday (is this a new emerging habit of mine, Skyping with my parents on Sundays?) and it was nice to hear her voice. Generally we're not very good at doing anything but texting.

Five - I finished The Handmaid's Tale and it was brilliant. One of the better books I've read lately and Margaret Atwood writes in a way that makes me swoon. Swooooon.

Six - This is shallow, but I think I'm winning the Sofa Situation. Don't tell Steve, let's keep him blissfully unaware of his defeat as long as possible.

Seven - This is also shallow but I wore my new patterned trousers from previous blog post and I received compliments! Three of them! Maybe it's not such a bad purchase after all...

Eight - My throat is starting to get better, but while it was sore I only drank tea after being coffee-obsessed for a while. And I think I regained my love for tea. (Living in the UK can make you pretty tired of it, sorry.) A funny bonus with getting better is that I can now drink coffee again. It's the never-ending battle of hot drinks.

Nine - Steve's sister left food in our fridge last night so no one has to cook dinner tonight!

Ten - It's gray outside, but I'm not outside. And I'm not planning to be either, because I have essays to write and the last few episodes of Downton Abbey to watch. Life is not too bad after all.

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