Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Sofa-Situation

In bed, with a cold coming on and I have already watched two episodes of Downton Abbey (yes, I managed to get a hold of season two, of course I did.) And the so far nothing has happened in the election. So my sleepy mind cannot stop itself from debating the sofa-situation.

Ah yes. The sofa-situation. A situation that wasn't a situation at all until me and Steve started deviating from our original decisions and now it is most definitely a situation. The issue is, what sofa are we getting for our front room in the house? 
The first option is IKEA Klippan. Klippan means "The Rock" (inexplicably cool name for a couch really) and this couch is named so for a good reason. Economy-efficient (in other words cheap) and it really isn't too bad in real life. We tried it out at our IKEA trip last week and it is pretty comfortable. But most of all, it's cheap. It's so cheap that we could get two couches to place in the corner of our room which would give extra places for people to sit during our cocktail gatherings. Plus me and Steve can get a couch each to nap on after particularly strenuous take-away sessions. The issue is that I'm not even sure I want two couches. We very rarely have people over anyway and we managed fine with one (tiny) sofa last year. Our room would feel a lot more crowded. Plus it's not my dream couch by a long way. We could only get it in black, which is a bit harsh in our room, or white, which is impractical. 
The second option is IKEA Karlstad. Can you hear the choir of angels singing? Because I can. This sofa is exactly what I dream of at night and particularly with this fabric. Big enough for us, yet not clumsy. It would look great in our front room. However, it is a lot more expensive. We could actually afford two and a half of the Klippan sofas for the same amount as the Karlstad sofa. And when we have guests over we'd have to fake a bohemian atmosphere and ask them to sit on the floor. Is more sofas a good or a bad thing?

So what sofa should we choose? Two of the mediocre-but-okay Klippan ones, or one of the dreamlover Karlstad? (Did I hear you suggest going to somewhere else than IKEA? I thought not.)

P.S. Sorry about my constant switching between "sofa" and "couch". I mean the same thing, I just can't stick to one version of English apparently.


  1. Är Karlstadsoffan så mycket mindre än Klippan? Om inte tycker jag definitivt ni ska satsa på Karlstad, den passar ju bäst rent estetiskt och är ju den du egentligen gillar bäst! Bättre att ta något dyrare som man vet kommer hålla, än att köpa något billigare som man kanske vill byta ut redan efter ett år! :)

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