Thursday, 8 November 2012

Words from a non-real viking

I've got a cold, ladies and gentlemen. This means that I feel sorry for myself (in abundance, I might add). I'm quite a whiny person and thank goodness that I'm not sick more often because I'd just not get anything done. Since last night for example I've done nothing but read magazines, eat unhealthy food (although I've lost my appetite because of this illness, obviously) and drink tea. I also went driving this morning and then applauded myself vicariously for undertaking such a project when having this deathly cold.

My mom's words springs to mind. "You're not a real viking!" Yes, she used to shout that when we were making a fuss about sickness. As in real vikings would suffer their sickness stoically, like her. My mother, ladies and gentlemen.

I've done a serious amount of shopping these days though, on Tuesday after university as well as online. Guess who's gotten six out of thirteen Christmas presents sorted? S o r t e d, and it's not even mid-November. It's possibly because I don't want to end up stressing in December with exams, essays, new house and Christmas, but also because I have turned a page. I'm this new, well-organised human being. In the midst of all the unselfish Christmas shopping I also bought a pair of patterned trousers. Was this a good purchase? I'm not sure.

Check out the patterned trousers (but ignore my hair). Take note of the sneaky bag of sweets behind my Elle magazine. Also note the front cover of Elle Decoration UK. I saw it and said (triumphantly) to Steve: "See, a British magazine with a cover that I love. Don't you dare say that I only like Scandinavian interior style." When I had bought it and opened the magazine I found out that the cover is actually from a Swedish home. They're just everywhere, those Swedes.

P.S. Remember my rules for buying clothes that I made up a while ago? These trousers is a crime against them but they were on sale. Eh, an exception to the rule!

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