Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 recap

In 2012 I...

... Started this blog, as a way for friends and family in Sweden to keep up with my life here, and because it's fun for me to document everyday-life.

... Volunteered as a classroom assistant at a local school and then I got a temporary job in Lisburn over the summer.

... Got better at baking, and tried lots of new recipes.

... Celebrated Steve's graduation from university.

... Visited Sweden and celebrated my brother finishing secondary school.

... Moved from Belfast to Steve's parents' house.

... Started final year of my Psychology course. Uh, time passes way too quick.

... Started taking driving lessons and passed my driving theory test, finally.

... Bought our very first own house!

In 2013 I'm looking forward to...

... Finally getting the keys for our house.

... Decorating said house.

... Going to Paris with my mom by the end of January.

... Graduating from my Psychology course.

... Hopefully going to a proper festival for the first time in my life. (Before I get too old for that stuff.)

... Visiting Sweden at least twice. (That's right, next year I HAVE to celebrate Christmas in my hometown. It's been too long now.)

... Finally getting my driving license.

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but if I did, I'd just try to be a more positive person. To be more grateful for what I have in my life because I'm really spoiled with good things and I just don't appreciate it enough. Happy New Year!

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