Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Christmas-sy week

I wish I could write something useful (and I should be able to because I've got a bunch of things that I feel like I need to write here just to get them structured in my head - the length of that sentence is a good example of how confusing my mind is sometimes) but I can't. I'm just too filled up by Christmas spirit and as it is Sunday night a weekly summery is appropriate.

> There's only one lecture left, then I'm off for Christmas! I still have essays and assignments left - not too mention studying for exams and data collection for this dreaded thesis... But still. Off from school-feeling, you know?

> I have now bought and wrapped all of my gifts. ALL OF THEM. It took a couple of hours and man, my back hurt after a while but now it's done. The worst part is that now I have to put them away until Christmas.  I may wrap a couple of fake gifts just to keep out in the open. You may think I'm insane, but I'm serious.

> I've made gingerbread dough and tomorrow I'm going to find the gingerbread cutters and make myself some gingerbread men and women. And a reindeer or two. I actually got hit by this wave of nostalgia as I tasted the dough. Although I've had Swedish gingerbread cookies several times since moving over, I've never baked them and so I've missed out on the dough-eating process. It's powerful.

> Last night me and Steve went to his sister's house and we watched Arthur Christmas with her two boys. Safe to say we enjoyed the movie more than the kids and I'm not even ashamed. You've got to love movies where you can appreciate the details. The rest of the night was good too with general TV-watching and take-away.

> Today we went with all of Steve's sisters and their families to a big old house where a "Santa's Grotto" is now held. The children made some type of sparkly reindeer food, pet a horse and then they met Santa. I loved it. Not only because they had mulled wine but the surroundings charmed me. Downton Abbey-style. (Do I really want to live in a modern bungalow? Can someone just buy me a castle instead?) The Santa was a hoot as well. A hoot, I tell you.

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