Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dining room decisions

Have I talked about my dining room yet? No? That's probably because a) I have no dining room (I don't even have the house yet as mentioned previously) but rather a corner of the kitchen that I plan on turning into a dining area. That's where me and Steve will read the morning paper over coffee on lazy Sunday mornings and where we'll entertain all those rich friends that we have who want to visit for dinner parties. Fancy. Or, which is more likely, it's where we will dump all our bills/laptops/other things that need to be stored somewhere else than the kitchen but it always ends up in the kitchen anyway. Oh and b) because I always believed that the dining room is the most boring room out of any existing rooms. But not anymore! I'm one step away from colour-coordinating the cupboard in which the boiler resides, so naturally I'm all about sorting out this dining room/corner at the moment.

This is a rough home-made layout of the upper right corner of our bungalow. I say 'rough', because I haven't been in the house for three months now and in my mind the size of the kitchen switches between cupboard-size and ballroom-appropriate constantly. My memory is not the best (and yet it's better than Steve's, who barely remembers if we have a kitchen or not). The L-shape in the corner is all of our cupboards and kitchen appliances and on the opposite wall we have two doors who are in the way of anything productive happening there. But the bottom wall, the one that in my mind should be just about large enough for a table with four seats around it, is where the magic will happen.

If I had my way our house would look like it was taken straight out of an IKEA-catalogue, something like this. Unfortunately the kitchen is spacious and contemporary and there is really no point in trashing the whole design just because I'm not fussed on the wood that is being used. The cupboards are an orange-y brown. Teak possibly? Whatever it is, I'm going to have to learn to live with it and I'm sure that's possible. The next issue is the man who I have to share this house with. Steve is just as stubborn as I am (but with worse taste in furniture) and so here are his rules; the furniture has to be wood and absolutely not plastic (like the lovely table in Pinterest picture 2, 3, 4 and 11). If possible it should look like taken straight from a cabin in an 80s' ski-resort. The table has to be rectangle-shaped rather than round (?!!) and the chairs are not allowed to look spacey.

Fortunately, we have learnt to compromise over the last few years. As a dining set in wood is ridiculously expensive, we're getting a wooden table, preferably in teak so that it looks like it belongs with the rest of my teak-kitchen rather than just a spaceship that landed in our house. And it'll be rectangle, with the short side against the bottom wall. I'd love to have something midcentury-inspired like this or this, but because of budget restrictions I'll settle for anything vaguely table-like. With the table I'm getting four Eames-chair dupes (as seen in picture 2, 4, 6 and 7) and you better believe that I spent A LOT of time convincing Steve that these chairs are allowed into our house. So it's worth the expense.

We have also settled on keeping the walls white in the kitchen. With the teak and the white chairs I feel like there's enough going on and I'd like some room for pictures on the walls as well. Above the table I'd like a round-ish pendant (as seen in picture 5, 7 and 8) in a metal colour but I can't decide on which. Bronze is so very in at the moment but I'd hate to commit to an expensive lamp and then realise a year later that I don't like that metal at all. All of our kitchen appliances are in stainless steel so the lamp will most likely end up in something similar. Above the table I'd like pictures or possibly a thin ledge to put pictures/books on. And a lovely clock to go with it. I think I just may have exhausted my need to talk about my dining room now. All in all, I think we can make it quite a nice corner despite quite a small budget. Particularly compared to what I'd buy if I had lots of money.

All images are from my dream-home Pinterest board, apart from the kitchen layout that I made in Paint. I have too much free time.

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