Sunday, 2 December 2012

First of Advent

This is going to be another one of those posts where I just talk about random stuff that I've been doing. Sorry about that. I love random posts.

> Went to Lisburn on Saturday to do some Christmas shopping. (I thought I was pretty much finished but then I accidentally visited Toys 'R Us and suddenly I had shopped some more... Not for Steve though. I haven't gotten his gift yet. And I'm going to start mentioning it here, just in case he suddenly wants to read my blog. HA. As if.)

> We've also burnt this year's Christmas CD to keep in the car. We've already managed to listen to it a lot.

> In Lisburn I got us Advent Calendars. I don't care that we're adults and that we're buying a house. I want chocolate every morning.

> We ate another 18 inch pizza between us. It wasn't even a struggle and I actually uttered the words "I'd like some more" when we were done. Am I ashamed? Possibly.

> You know that amazing Eames chair that keeps showing up in lots of stylish homes in interior magazines? Yes, this one. Well, I found an amazing duplicate that is about the sixth of the price for the designer one. There's no reason not to get four of these, other than the fact that my boyfriend hates it and doesn't want it in our house.

> We babysat Steve's niece for a couple of hours today. She was asleep when we arrived and then woke up with only us in the house, which, clearly, was her worst nightmare. She screamed for twenty minutes non-stop. At one point we thought that she had lost her voice but she was only taking a brief break to be able to continue with renewed powers.

> There's only a few weeks left of university, and then the exam-stress begins. I have vowed to make a better plan than usual this year - to start studying earlier but for fewer hours a day. (Few weeks left of university = few weeks left until Christmas and until House. House! Hopefully.)

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