Thursday, 27 December 2012

So this is Christmas...

So that's Christmas over for another year, and although we didn't get the keys for our new house it was still a pretty good Christmas. Let's face it - by staying in Steve's parents' house we get left-over food, a properly heated house and in general, those are important components of a successful Christmas. Especially if you also have good company and Steve's family definitely is. I'm lucky to have so many people here who I can consider my family even though they're technically not even related to me.

Image from my Pinterest.

Me and Steve exchanged gifts on Christmas Day morning, and I received lots of nice things from him, but my absolute favourites are a wireless speaker that can connect to my phone or my laptop (I'm such a geek) and a lovely blue dress. My size and my style. He knows me so well... Today his sisters and their families were over for a Boxing Day meal and altogether me and Steve received three IKEA vouchers (!), as well as serving plates, pie bowls and other homey gifts. I'm so happy. Those IKEA vouchers will definitely be used. And my family (who I obviously couldn't help but miss) gave me money because shipping gifts is expensive even if they're small and light, and there's just no point when I'd be much happier getting money. That money, will most likely go towards chairs. THE chairs, my dream-chairs. Once I've convinced Steve that they are his dream-chairs too.

And so now that Christmas is over it's time to face my least favourite part of the year... January. Is there anything as dreadful and miserable as the time furthest away from Christmas that also happens to be dark and cold and filled with exams? What were they thinking? (This is addressed to the person who made these January-rules up). However, I have decided to not let January get me down. January is a stepping-stone to February, which is basically Spring (with a capital 'S') and I do like Spring. Plus I'm going to make this January cozy. You'll see.

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