Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Spontaneous carols and concerts

I was going to post yesterday but last night suddenly became very busy. In fact, I've left the house at least once every day this last while (which is quite uncharacteristic of my life, really). On Monday while me and Steve were discussing oil prices - oh we're such fun-loving adults - we suddenly remembered that we were supposed to go watch his nieces perform in a carol service in the local church. And we should've left five minutes earlier. We literally ran to the church and got there in time, but not in time to get proper seats. Instead we had to sit next to the stage in the corner of the church on the church floor, and it was cold but okay. The carol service was lovely. Am I the only one who cries when hearing live Christmas carols? It's too emotional for me. (For an awkward bonus story, remind me to tell you about last Christmas when Steve's family decided to sing me a Swedish Christmas carol on Christmas Day and I started bawling my eyes out.)

The gingerbread cookies (unfortunately I'm responsible for that particular piece of icing art) and us at the concert. We look pretty tired. And confused - the lens is on the other side of the camera, guys.

Yesterday I studied and then I bribed a four year old to be happy by letting him ice gingerbread men for a couple of hours. Steve had only just gotten home from work when our friend phoned us and offered free tickets to Lionel Richie. Well... I'm not a big Lionel Richie fan. However, that beardy companion of mine has Lionel Richie as his guilty pleasure (he's not aware that it's a guilty pleasure, but it totally is) and so I went with him to keep him company. Plus it was free and I'm generally up for spontaneous outings nowadays. Saying that, I was not in a good mood when we got there. Between ages of queuing in traffic, finding out that the parking lot was full so we had to park further away and then walk to the concert arena and me wearing my new red blazer that's lovely but decidedly not weather-appropriate - I was ready to just call it a night. I'm happy that I didn't complain (too much) because the concert ended up being really fun. I recognised more songs than I thought it would, the 80s popstar turned out to be quite funny (and so were his biggest fans - most of them women a lot older than me and Steve. The things that were shouted made me blush) and he really can sing. While dancing. While pretty much dripping from sweat. It was entertaining and I got McDonalds as a midnight treat on our way home. Oh Steve, you know me so well. 

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