Friday, 14 December 2012

Ten reasons to smile 8.0

- It's ten days left to Christmas! Maybe more! Maybe less! But somewhere around ten!

Two - I just handed in my last two assignments of the year, two and a half hours before deadline. (Obviously I know have exams left to worry about. But still.)

Three - We've gotten a preliminary date for when we get the keys for our house. And I'm sure that we can get settled and move in before Christmas, despite getting the keys merely days before. It's gonna be tough, but I've decided that we will soldier on. Steve has no say in this.

Four - I'm visiting Derry tomorrow and staying until Sunday, which is funny because the last time I was in Derry was almost 11 months ago and I had only just started this blog. I'm going to see my friend's band too, for the first time ever.

Five - I made gingerbread cookies for the first time in years and they turned out really nice. So nice that they're gone less than five days after making them. I might make a second batch. 

Six - Christmas holidays have begun! No more early morning lectures spent half-sleeping in the world's most uncomfortable chairs until it's spring in Northern Ireland again, basically. 

Seven - Steve has to work for another three days, and then he is off for Christmas as well. I can't wait to actually be able to lazy about with someone else for once. 

Eight - This is quite superficial, but I bought two pairs of jeans at Topshop recently, and they're so comfortable. I have that issue where jeans are too big in the wrong places (waist) and way too tight elsewhere (ass), but these may just be my new favourite model...

Nine - My driving lessons are coming along nicely and next week I've booked my theory test. The end of this practice driving is near.

Ten - There is no snow here yet, but there is frost and it makes everything so much prettier.

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