Monday, 10 December 2012

Wrapping notes to myself

Because I've already wrapped all of my gifts, it's a little too late to suddenly have great ideas on how to wrap gifts. Luckily, I chose a boyfriend with lots of nephews and nieces and so there's plenty of wrapping opportunities within the next few months. The three ones I'm looking forward to most;

All images are from my Pinterest.

1 - This is the one I'm the most excited about. Printing out pictures and making them into tags! I was planning on printing out pictures of the actual birthday boy/girl for a personalized gift.

2 - Flags out of washi tape, I've been drooling over this for months. I was going to do it for Christmas but I decided to go on a very red/white/brown themed colour scheme and I don't have washi tape in any of those colours. So I guess I need to add a few more colours to my collection.

3 - Cutting out names with pretty wrapping paper. The reason why I haven't done this already is shamefully silly. I don't own any glue. (I mean, I have glue, but it's been wrapped in a box the last four months. In fact, I had to spend 45 minutes in the garage rummaging through boxes today just to find my festive cookie cutters*. Safe to say, when I packed my things at the end of August I never quite realised I'd still not have them by December...) Either way, this is cute. Definite birthday-material.

*Yes, I made gingerbread cookies today! They look amazing. Amazingly ugly. But it's the taste that counts and they're all pretty much edible. Christmas festive feelings in abundance you guys.

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