Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello excessive shopping

I've just had two busy days. At least they felt busy. Yesterday I studied, went to Belfast to pick up some things for my thesis and then I spent the entire evening folding information sheets, putting them in envelopes, and labeling them. Until I ran out of labels. I got Steve to drive me to two different Tesco stores (this is why I need a driving license, clearly) until I found labels. They were too big for the envelopes however and I spent another hour cutting them to size so that it would look neat. I finished and it was night time and I was ready to give up on life, kind of. Today I studied, cleaned mine and Steve's rooms thoroughly, went into town to visit the school I'm working on my thesis with and then I studied some more until Steve's nephew came over and he's too cute to ignore. I also built my chairs that have finally arrived (see picture for proof)! When Steve got home we went to babysit the same nephew (four years old) plus his sister (two years old) which was hilariously fun but also exhausting. How do parents do this? I feel like I need a nap after an hour with them. Now I'm behind on my studying for today and I need to go to Belfast tomorrow... I'll catch up on studying on Thursday, I guess.

Here's a random list of things that I've bought the last few days:
This Kenwood Food Processor. I've wanted a food processor for ages since Steve will only eat a select number of vegetables and only if they're chopped beyond recognition. Which takes ages. And I will not give up on these vegetables. I also plan to make soups in it. We're becoming grown-ups.

This lifestyle book by blogger Emily Schulman. It just looks like it's going to make me so happy and it has pretty pictures. I admit that I'm generally skeptic towards bloggers and books (you know, Madonna and children's books type of feeling) but I bought Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker (that is now crazily more expensive) a few months ago and I read it all the time.

Ready Player One by Ernest Kline which was mentioned at HelloGiggles at some point. It's one of those books that encompass the things I value the most in life; nerdy boys, nerdy games and futuristic settings. Plus it's hilarious.

A Facial Cleansing Vanity Kit from Clarins today when I was waiting at the bus. This is going to sound gross but my nose keeps getting so dry that it flakes. Despite me using a moisturiser twice a day. If I don't sort this out the nose is going to disappear entirely. I've heard good things about Clarins from a friend of mine who's good with beauty-related stuff, and this seemed like a good deal in comparison to the usual pricing from this brand. I used it tonight and oh my god. I can't stop touching my face, it is unbelievably soft.

This may seem like a lot of shopping (and I seem to make this mistake every spring) but I've had some money saved up and all of these purchases seem necessary. Apart from the books possibly, considering that I'm still half-way through Life of Pi and the third part of 1Q84. I need to stop reading several books at a time.

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