Saturday, 5 January 2013

Living room decisions

As a reward for revising for exams on a Saturday I decided I would allow myself to make another long-winded post about my house, just like the one I posted on Saturday about my future dining room corner. (A second Saturday in a row that I post about my house? It's as if it's a weekend series, which I haven't had since last spring when I raved about 90s music every Sunday. Fancy.) This post will be even more riveting, because this concerns everyone's favourite room to decorate; the living room! Because this is where our guests will mingle when we have cocktail evenings, or where my monthly book club meetings will occur. In my dreams. The living room is also the room that I planned out first, and then changed my mind about a million times over afterwards. This is also evident by the number of living room pictures that I have saved on my laptop; 63. And that's after I deleted all the pictures of mantelpieces. (I might make an open-fire-special blog post. The thought makes me giddy with happiness, really.)

Voila. Another homemade house layout masterpiece created by me, but this time only of the lower right corner of the house. The size of the room is not bad at all, although I wouldn't have minded a slightly bigger room... But it's a fairly good shape, there's only one door that makes my life (when decorating) troublesome and there's a big window facing out to the street so there will also be a decent amount of light during the day. And best of all... There is a real open fire. This is great because it means that I can finally face my fear of fire that was nurtured in me after not being trusted with candles until the age of 13. It also means that me and Steve will have a cozy fire to watch during cold winter mornings... The window has a radiator underneath it and so we can't put anything on the southern wall. Therefore, we planned to put our TV in the south-eastern corner of the room and the couch directly diagonally across from it, so that we have a view over the fire as well as the TV. 

A large part of my decorating dreams involve spacious, white areas, preferably with high ceilings and located in a building with lots of history. That will never again happen to me. Instead I've tried to pick my furniture with care so that there is at least an illusion of space. If you had read this blog for a while you may remember the Sofa-Situation. Well, guess what? I won. We're getting the Karlstad sofa that is not too big and chunky, but reasonably comfortable and within our budget. This sofa always gives me a certain mid-century vibe as well (and I am all about incorporating that vibe) so a couple of months ago I splashed on this coffee table from Habitat to pair it with. Don't worry, I did not pay full-price for it. I also bought a number of pillows to keep in the couch in gray and bright yellow hues, but unfortunately the yellow pillow that I ordered ended up being a little bit too close to orange for my liking (oh Habitat, how could you let me down?). Now I'm hunting for new pillows to love. 

Both me and Steve had decided that we wanted white walls in the living room, to make the room feel slightly bigger. But one of my biggest flaws is that I tend to decorate slowly, and even slower if I don't have money to buy things. In other words, my white walls that I eventually want to put paintings and other treasured items on just might be left bare for longer than I would like to. This made me consider painting one of the walls a warm, slate gray instead (like in image 7 and 10), or add an unexpected colour. I'm having trouble, because on one hand I feel like everyone has a gray wall somewhere and I'm also worried that the room is too small or that it only goes with beautiful wooden floors (rather than carpet, which is what we have). Decisions.

Either way, I've decided to keep the base fairly neutral and then I can change things up with pillows and fluffy rugs as much as I like. I also want to incorporate a few smaller things, like a little nice chair (preferably like the ones in imag. 8) or a knit pouffe and an interesting floor lamp to tower over it. Additionally, I'd like a bookshelf so that I can keep my books out instead of having to store them in an old suitcase under my bed, along with a few selected knickknacks. (Notice that the same candle sticks appear in both image 11 and 13. Clearly my subconscious wants it and it's probably ridiculously expensive.) And that's the end of this house post. My dad mentioned the other day that after reading my blog he thinks my style is "scattered". I think this post clearly shows that he is wrong, it may just be difficult to see the theme among the things I choose...

All images are from my Pinterest board, where you can see the remaining 50 images that I also adore but that either didn't make the cut for this post or just won't suit in our house. The board with my sofa and table on it was created at Olioboard.

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