Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Mantelpiece Special

You may have thought that I was joking when I mentioned doing a blog post devoted entirely to mantelpieces. I wasn't. This is the kind of thing I live for. However, I will keep it short and sweet, because let's face it: This is about an object that I only own one of and unfortunately I'm not even that fond of the one I have. If I had my way it would be either a modern, plain, white open fireplace or a super-old, distressed but still white fireplace. I have neither of those. Instead I have a fairly new but wooden fireplace. In a type of wood that nothing else that I own is in. I'd rather have it than no fireplace though because I can't wait for those cozy evenings in front of the TV with the fire on. It's a travesty that I'm not writing this coming up to Christmas time because 99% of the fun with having a fireplace is decorating it for Christmas. We will make do, however. (And eagerly await Christmas 2013, when this blog will go Christmas-mad.)

In the first and third picture you see the kind of fireplace that I would like. Simplicity gone mad. (But remember, I don't have this.) I would like to retain the idea of collecting art stacked against the walls on the fireplace. I also like the pink (see picture 2) and the butterflies (see picture 3), which gives a nice springtime feeling. I love the stacked magazines in front of the fire but I have a sneaky suspicion that it wouldn't be good for health and safety purposes. And I don't even own that many magazines. Instead I think I'll keep a nice, big old pot next to it. Maybe I can get cute fire tools to stack in it. Cute fire tools are easy to get, right?

Noticing a pattern here? I do like some white. A mirror above the fireplace seems to be quite common in a lot of homes, but several? I'd probably stack them rather than hang them though, just like the art work in the other pictures. If I had a beautiful old fireplace like the one in the middle picture I would happily keep it simple. On the other hand, I like the last image with all its quirkiness. (Obviously I can't stack objects inside my fireplace, not if I'd like to keep them anyway, but I like the colour combinations.) I have a little turquoise heart object and a candle of the same shape that just might get the honour of bringing some colour to my fireplace.

You may notice that I don't show that many elegant pictures that I've drawn inspiration from. That is because although I like them, I'm not very elegant and neither is Steve. So I'll just leave the elegant homes for the elegant people. (I clearly did not manage to keep this post short and sweet. Sorry.)

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