Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ten reasons to smile 9.0

(I know that I haven't blogged in a very long time. Almost a full two weeks, in fact. I'll make it up to you, unknown readers. And beware, this happy-post will probably contain a lot of house-related stuff.)

Image from my severely neglected Pinterest.

One - I have a house! I live in that house! I was beginning to think it would never happen but it did!

Two - My exams are over for this time and I don't think I did too badly in them, despite stressing so much the past ten days.

Three - I have coffee at home. Coffee has been my greatest support in life lately (closely followed by Steve.)

Four - On Sunday I leave for Paris for four days with my mom!

Five - Tomorrow is the first day that I haven't got about a million things to do. I still have lots that need to be sorted (especially with the house) but I have very few appointments and for the first time in ages I feel like I'll be waking up to a day that is manageable.

Six - When it came to decorating the house, I strayed out of my comfort zone once or twice. And I think it paid off.

Seven - I have an interview for a job later this week. The chances of me getting the job are so very slim, but I'm just really proud that I got anywhere at all. I am terrible at interviews.

Eight - I won the sofa-situation-battle. And this is a seriously comfortable sofa.

Nine - Three rooms have carpets down and the walls fully painted. Just the hallway, kitchen and bathroom left! As well as a few small things that just won't work... (We still decided to move in. Who can bother with properly functioning heating anyway.)

 Ten - In two days I'm spending an evening in Belfast with some of my favourite people ever.

Stay tuned for a recap of what has happened since my last post with my super-exciting cliffhanger (ehrm). I shall blog tomorrow at some point.

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