Thursday, 10 January 2013

This is it.

This is it. Our solicitor phoned yesterday and said "you should have the keys on Friday". And I thought "YEAH RIGHT you weird little old man, you've given us about three dates that we should have had the key on and none of them ended up right so I'm certainly not believing you now."

But today we phoned him again, and he had everything sorted. All that is missing is the key, which is still in the other solicitor's office. So tomorrow we're getting the key from them and then we officially have the house that we've been paying for the last month. I can't quite believe it. Somewhere in my mind I had almost resigned to the fact that I would be living with Steve's parents forever and somehow we'd grow old but they'd stay the same age until we were all old together.

But now we're rapidly getting a house. This means that suddenly I felt very unprepared and had to make up a schedule of all the things that I will be doing the next few days. Cleaning, prepping, painting. Meeting with the tiler and the carpet-guy who I don't know why he's coming over but he is anyway. That's on top of going into school 9am-2pm each day to do testing on children (harmless stuff, recording them reading and stuff like that, no laboratories) plus revising and panicking about my exams. Oh, and I'm driving as well because my practical driving test is rapidly arriving.

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Will I manage to squeeze in an IKEA trip somewhere as well?

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  1. Ahh that's such an exciting post! I love it when things finally work out. I've nominated you for a Liebster award.. Check it out :) xx