Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Virtual house tour

Today turned out a lot more productive than I thought it would be. Steve had to go back to work a little earlier than we expected (only because he misunderstood the number of days he was off) and so I had a full day of drinking coffee, reading books and taking a virtual stroll through my Pinterest. Oh, I was so wrong. After a night where I couldn't get to sleep (I'm either too warm or too cold, plus I cough - quite a frustrating situation) I started the day off by re-organising all the things we bought for our house the last few months into cardboard boxes rather than leaving them in giant IKEA bags everywhere. That way I can get Steve and other muscly people to carry the boxes over to the house while I tell them what box goes in what room. Kitchen boxes in kitchen, stationary boxes in the study, and so on. It also forced me to gather all the new Christmas decorations that I had bought and accept the truth; Christmas is over, and it was not celebrated in our house. Our robot-baubles (yes, you heard me) will have to wait until next year. (Those baubles are a homage to how nerdy we are. And cute and quirky! The robots, not us.) I also cleaned, studied for exams and then I made chocolate chip cookies.

What I really wanted to do tonight was to write a post like Saturday's Dining room decisions, because writing about my decoration plans for each room is really fun whilst it also makes everything so much clearer. At the moment I have an idea in my head for each room but about a million images saved on my computer and sometimes they confuse me. The images I saved for inspiration and my thoughts... It's all confusing. Unfortunately, that type of post takes quite a while as I realised on Saturday, and I want to have time to watch an episode of True Blood with Steve tonight. So I'm just gonna do a different house-related post where I just ramble about the house in general. Much less useful, but just as enjoyable for me. (I'm sorry you guys who aren't interested in my house. I'm just obsessed with it at the moment. Plus my mom is too, so... I feel like those reasons are enough to justify my never shutting up about it.)

This is my bungalow. More specifically, this is a paint-made drawing of the layout of my bungalow. The thicker black lines are supposed to be doors, I couldn't be arsed drawing the windows (sorry) and the gray stuff is where I imagine some of the bigger pieces of furniture will go. Again, I take no responsibility for the proportions here. I have trouble remembering what size my feet are relative to my body, never mind an entire house. Anyway, the most southern door leading into our hallway is the front door. The hallway is as expected; not very roomy. Yet I could fit a console table, or possibly an Expedit bookshelf from IKEA on it's side I think. It really comes down to the fact that there is just not enough storage space (never in my life has there been enough storage space) and I'd like to make the most of the situation.

The boiler room is a British invention (I assume) where the boiler basically has its own little cozy room. There's shelves above the boiler however and I plan to store towels or something there as soon as I've been given a green light. The last thing I'd want to do is store my towels someplace damp, and then get mold on them. Ew. Also, the boiler room isn't nearly that long. I have no idea what I was thinking. The two bedroom are the same size but the southern one faces the street so naturally we'll be sleeping in the northern one. The kitchen and living room are also the same size but as they don't have to share space with a bathroom/boiler room they're both bigger than the bedrooms. Which makes me feel like the kitchen is massive, at least in comparison to our old kitchen. We can fit... Wait for it... More than two people in the room at the same time! The kitchen leads to the utility room, which leads out to our tiny garden. It's really only a small patch of grass but it's enough to house a line for clothes to dry and a chair where I can read. Plus a giant, ugly oil tank. It's not ideal, but whatever. I'll have a garden!

So this post turned out longer than I planned. Sorry about that. I just get over-excited when I think of our house. We spoke to the solicitor today and for some reason the sellers switched solicitors over Christmas and that's why it's taking ages. Ridiculous. (Moving in date is steadily getting closer though.)

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