Thursday, 14 February 2013

10 reasons to smile 10.0

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one - It's Valentine's Day and me and Steve are going out for a late dinner. I love having dinner out. I love trying new restaurants. If steak is offered, I'm going to order the rarest piece of meat possible and then barely be able to move due to steak-related coma.

two - On Monday morning I passed my driving test which was a huge deal for me. I am officially deemed reasonably safe on the roads. (I'm not saying that I'm actually good at driving. I have no idea how I'm supposed to handle driving on my own.) This was my second driving test however, because I nearly crashed into a car and obviously failed the first one I took. That's a different story.

three - Last night me and Steve went to a local bar to watch football and then stay for the pub quiz and I drove us there and back. Steve's car is so different from my driving instructor's car that it feels like the first few driving lessons all over again. By the time I was turning into our drive I felt amazing (and so powerful) however, so it's definitely a reason to smile.

four - I made a perfect cup of espresso and I'm eating cookies with it. (Non-happiness related note; when I opened our cupboard there was three cookies left. That means Steve somehow ate like ten of them within the last few days without me noticing. I feel betrayed.)

five - During the before-mentioned pub quiz I was crap as always but I also answered two questions correctly that no one else knew, both related to movies made during the first half of the 20th century. Maybe this is my area of expertise. Thank you parents, for teaching me the importance of watching Gone with the wind and The Wizard of Oz at a young age.

six - Our living room is slowly coming together. I haven't gotten the prints up on the walls as I'm typing this but me and Steve did buy a brown leather ottoman for next to nothing at TK Maxx. Perfect for extra storage, extra seating and yet it doesn't take up a huge amount of room like an extra couch would've. (Not that we can afford an extra couch anyway.) I'm hoping to be able to post pictures soon.

seven - Tegan and Sara's latest album, Heartthrob, is the height of awesomeness. Because I had only started listening to them around 2005, The Con was the first album that I genuinely spent months longing for and subsequently I loved it. When they released Sainthood I thought it was a good album, but it didn't feel the same way as The Con felt and so I never really took it to heart. But now... Now is the time to rediscover my love for T&S, and rediscover it I did. Long story short; maybe I have finally accepted that all bands change and appreciate their transformation rather than resent it. Development is good, right?

eight - Tomorrow is Friday. Do I need to say more? Okay, weekend is upon us and tomorrow I'm looking forward to a half-day in class and then I have two whole days of potting about in our house and watching movies with Steve. (The last two weekends we've been re-watching The Lord of The Rings-trilogy. One to go.) Also possibly going out on Saturday.

nine - I made up a new budget and so far I'm sticking to it. The pride is unbearable. It's been three days. I'll get back to you on this in a month or so.

ten - I made another crazy house-related decision (the first one being painting the hallway blue) - I bought loads of pink towels for our bathroom. Do I even like pink? Not sure. Either way, I felt like the bathroom in all white (and with orange floor tiles) needed something to keep it from looking so bare. So I bought a mat and a bunch of towels, all in a dark, raspberry pink type of colour and I think it works. Against all odds, Steve with his weird ideas on decorating (his latest being "I don't like single arm chairs. They exclude people") doesn't mind his bathroom being invaded by a colour regarded as feminine by many. For being relatively easy to deal with in this one instance, I applaud him. As I said, I'm not even sure I like pink, so we'll see how this goes.

P.S. Ikea has released a couple of new bedside tables. I want this. Or this. This desire does not work well with happiness-reason no 9. 

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