Monday, 25 February 2013

Bedroom fun

No dirty thoughts here please.

Spoiler, this is the topic of my blog post.

So anyway, I've been moaning about posting pictures of my bedroom for ages now since I thought it is most likely as ready as it's gonna get for a while. (I.e. until we can afford proper nightstands rather than the cheapy IKEA stools that our lamps are currently residing on.) As you might have realised by now, if I say I'm gonna do something far in the future (go to a festival) then it'll never happen.Similarly, if I say that something's happening very soon, then it'll happen in a couple of months. It's a travesty and if I could change it about myself I would. Luckily it's this blog that suffers from my obnoxious traits the most. The blog and cleaning and uni work.

But now, for the first time ever possibly, I actually have a good reason for not posting pictures of our bedroom. We have a super cool retro print featuring a bunch of Star Wars related stuff that I want to put over our bed to inject some colour (as it's currently a feast of crispy white and inconspicuous neutral textiles). Unfortunately the current print is smaller than an A3 and so I felt like a second print was needed to balance our big headboard which happens to be an IKEA Malm in black-brown. Ergo; I cannot upload pictures of our bedroom if I'm so close to adding another essential piece.

The issue is how to find a print that goes with a retro black, red and white Star Wars print. Another Star Wars print? Unfortunately, I think there is a limit on how many Star Wars-related objects that should be allowed in your home and that limit is drawn at one. Unless you're an angsty teenager who needs to escape to your sci-fi world where you actually have a girlfriend/boyfriend; then you can have more. Me and Steve are not teenagers. What about anything at all in similar colours? Turns out most artists don't limit themselves to three colours and if they do they never seem to be black, white and red. So when I was browsing Society6 (who happened to have free shipping worldwide last night, not-exactly-a-coincidence) and I happened to find this cool print of a retro rocket, I made a decision.

This may not have been a wise decision, but it was made nevertheless. Is it the right colours? Not really. Is it the right size? Trimming boarders shall take place.Is it yet another piece that probably belongs in a small boy's bedroom? Quite possibly. We shall see what happens with this print. If it arrives and it doesn't work at all it might end up in a different room. Or hidden away forever. I will let you know. Twist!

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