Sunday, 24 February 2013

'Currently' list

Pictures from my Instagram.

Doing: Writing this blog post, contemplating getting sweets and enjoying actually doing nothing for the first time today. Life as it is right now is just too hectic for regular blogging it seems. Unfortunately I have to prioritise university, then spending time with Steve & friends, and housework, and relaxing and at some far away point after that blogging appears. The sad truth. Until things settle down a bit, I'll simply have to keep posting these updates once a week. (I bet you I'll have time to write something tomorrow for no other reason than to contradict what I just said).

Loving: Remember those rings that I blogged about the week before that? They arrived and they're perfect (see the picture to the right for kind-of-proof). I also love Steve, I guess I should say. He's to the left. (In the last post I mentioned going out for a Valentine's date and the picture of me and Steve is from that night. I wore my man-repeller lipstick, because it was Valentine's Day and I interpret that as Steve having to love me no matter what I wear. Also, that is a terrible picture of us, but it was the only one where Steve smiled ever so slightly and so I sacrificed every other picture even though I look a million times better in them. And I had steak. It was lovely.)

Reading: Currently reading three great books; The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson, Life of Pi by Yann Martel and book 3 of IQ84 by Haruki Murakami (I started reading this last one about a year ago and it's just been forgotten about so it doesn't really count). Last night when we were at the cinema there was a trailer for a new movie called The Host. And I was like "I'm pretty sure I found that book when I unpacked my books this week. I just forgot to read it." Most of my books are now in my bookshelf, as they should. The rest are hidden in our ottoman.

Watching: I'm currently watching New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and Girls on my own. With Steve I'm watching Star Trek (sporadically) and True Blood. We also have Fringe and Walking Dead stored and ready to watch, but it'll just have to wait. Last night we went to the cinema and we saw Django Unchained, which was a good film but probably my least favourite out of Tarantino's movies. (And I've seen all but one, I looked it up. I'm pretentious and probably annoying like that.)

Stressing about: People asking me what I'm doing after university... I'm just gonna stop writing now.

Thinking about: What to get for Steve's nephew for his birthday which is in a week's time. What's cool among four-year-olds nowadays? I'm so obsessed with giving gifts to people that I've started planning for Steve's and his isn't for another two months. Last year this particular nephew got a dinosaur book among other things (and he had just become obsessed with dinosaurs) and I think that was the highlight of my year, gift-wise. In other words, the pressure is on so that I don't disappoint myself. Or the children, I guess...

Looking forward to: A lot of things actually. I'm looking forward to getting that bag of sweets that was left over from the cinema trip last night. I'm looking forward to progressing with my thesis this week. To the birthday party on Saturday, plus having Steve's colleagues over in the evening. And on a bigger scale, I'm looking forward to graduating and having my entire family over to visit. The sweets is the most prominent thing I'm looking forward to at the moment, however.

Making me happy: The fact that I'm finally finished with an assignment that was really frustrating today. It means I have a night's break before it all starts again. I feel like almost all the things that I mentioned previously in the post are contributing to making me happy, actually. It's all the little things in life - sweets, birthday parties and good books. To fulfill the cycle, writing this blog post now made me happy (it's basically magic).

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