Monday, 4 February 2013

First February weekend

Soo... The original plan was that once I had gotten my Paris-pictures underway I would show a few pictures of the rooms that are at least half-way there. According to this plan I snapped a few photos with my iPhone of my kitchen (and shared a few of them on Instagram) but there's just one little issue. Everyone says that once you have an iPhone you don't need a camera. That's not true. As much as I like the grainy, intimate pictures on Instagram or even when flicking through the pictures on the device itself, it just won't do on the blog. It bothers me. I don't have a very fancy camera anyway, but I do believe I'll have to bring out the big guns (my gifted compact Olympus, that is) if I'm gonna show you guys pictures of my home.

So no pictures today, in other words.

This weekend was mainly spent doing university work (for a class today that has been postponed for two weeks anyway) but I also managed to squeeze in watching Les Mis with Steve's sisters. It was great. I do love a good old musical. Plus daytime popcorn and fizzy drinks. Both Saturday and Sunday me and Steve had the longest of breakfasts. Now that we have a table in the kitchen we have become real adults and eat our meals there and actually have conversations (rather than watching TV). We'll see how long that lasts. Steve's family's cat suddenly got very ill and she didn't make it past Sunday, which was really sad. I feel especially sorry for Steve's mom because she was home alone when it happened. On Sunday night me and Steve decided to eat as American as possible, and so we had mac n' cheese, pizza, cookies and cheese cake. And then we watched Super Bowl (while barely being able to breath after all the food). This was my favourite Super Bowl game out of the ones I can remember, because it was so exciting that I for the first time ever didn't fall asleep during the fourth quarter. Yes!

P.S. I am so happy that January is over. February is basically spring, right? (I'm desperately trying to ignore the fact that snow is falling outside our window.)

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