Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Holiday wishes

This morning me and Steve (well me actually, he was involved by text only as he's working) booked a holiday for us this summer! We're going to a town just outside the capital of Malta in August and I cannot wait. I'm so hyper that I've already made a list of bikinis that I want to buy... Even though I should really restrain myself, I can't imagine having more than two bikinis will ever become useful. And shoes. How I long for wearing shoes that let me flaunt my highly average feet. I ended up making a general holiday wish list instead.

1. A good book is a must for a successful holiday (I believe). I suggest fairly light reading for maximal entertainment. No Dostoyevskeys by the pool, thank you. By Light Alone is on my sci-fi reading list, by Adam Roberts.
2. A cute bikini from French Connection. Seafolly has amazing bikinis if you ignore the price. If you take the price into account... Well, not so much. French Connection is a happy medium.
3. Nude espadrillos from Topshop! I don't own a single pair of espadrillos. They just don't come in handy when it's raining. They will when I'm being bought dinner though (wishful thinking).
4. Hair in a topknot. (From my Pinterest.)
5. Loose t-shirts over bikini. (From my Pinterest.)
6. Flat sandals from Boohoo. For all those walks we'll be taking around the pittoresque villages.
7. Another cute bikini from French Connection, but this one is on sale. What?!
8. Cocktails obviously. (From my Pinterest.)

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