Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I took a few pictures with my camera this morning and it turns out THESE look pretty terrible as well! I have a distinct memory of being able to take better pictures. Maybe it's not my digital equipment that has gotten worse, maybe my eyes have gotten better. It's a miracle.

Originally this kitchen was entirely painted in yellow that I hated. We tiled all around the the cupboards and painted all of the walls white, apart from one feature wall that we painted a green. In these pictures it looks a lot more gray (and when I tried to raise the contrast so that it'd look more like it does in reality it just made the chairs and table look weird) but it's really like a minty slash leafy green. You know what I mean, I'm sure. The green wall is empty at the moment but we're probably putting up our TV. It may not be my first choice aesthetically... But we have an extra TV and I do look forward to having the TV on while cooking. Enjoy seeing parts of my kitchen! It's currently my favourite room. (By the way, that coriander plant next to my stove is basically dead now. I want to get a bunch of cacti, or something else that'll survive longer than a few days with me.)

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