Friday, 1 February 2013

Paris part I

I know. I said I'd blog, and then I didn't. Sorry about that. Pictures of my house will arrive at some, undefined, point. Until then, Paris pictures in abundance! 

Visited Notre Dame that was just a few minutes away from our hotel. Magical. (And I'm sorry, but the Disney movie somehow just made this experience better.) Also, I'm so squinty here.

Visited a few interior design shops on our way through the city and I fell in love with this amazing little Mr Plumber lamp. (Which was way above my budget in case anyone wonders why I didn't buy this instantly). Did someone just place that carousel in the middle of Paris just to make my heart break?

Visited Le Louvre (yes, I'm French now) and enjoyed seeing some of my favourite sculptures and a few paintings too. Plus Mona Lisa. I get the big deal now. I know her secret.

Strolled along Champs Elysses and then we walked back to our hotel to get ready for dinner. Sorry for the photo-bombing but this is seriously stuff that I enjoy. 

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