Sunday, 3 February 2013

Paris part II

Part two of our Paris trip. This post starts where we left in the last post, after about 24 hours in Paris.

We celebrated my mom's birthday by visiting a restaurant that was closed and we had to go to the one next doors instead. It was good and I had a massive creme brulee.

Walking home through Paris.

The next morning we devoured the hotel breakfast (I dream about it) and then we took the metro to Montemartre. Mom bought a dress in a thrift shop for 5 euros. 

The cutest little place.

We walked up to Sacre coeur and enjoyed the view.

It was a really terribly rainy day - no flattering pictures of me, sorry.

We strolled towards Les Deux Moulins - the cafe where Amelie in the movie worked! I had read that it was such a tourist trap nowadays... But it was lovely, with tasty food and really nice people. Maybe it's packed of tourists during the weekends.

Cafe creme and croque madame. 

We took the metro to La Marais and found the most adorable little shop that sold prints. I bought a small umbrella print and a star banner to hang in my house. 

We walked home and I found the bridge where couples hang lockers with their names written on. Mom said "Wow, they must really cycle a lot here". 

We had our second dinner in Paris and then we walked from there to the Eiffel tower. I was expecting to be a little underwhelmed by it but it really was amazing. And then at nine it went mad, and blinked lots. I wasn't aware it usually does that so it was a nice surprise. Like it went mental just for us as we arrived. 

The rest of the trip consisted of me and mom eating macarons and window shopping. And eating more of the hotel breakfasts. So no need to upload photos of that. 

P.S. I saw Les Miserables yesterday afternoon with Steve's sisters. I cried SIX times.

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