Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Recently tried recipes

As a chronic Pinterest-abuser (or maybe just over-user), I mainly pin images that inspire my home, my clothes and once in a while what to eat. To be honest, the majority of my food-pins are chocolate-based heart attacks waiting to happen and it is a good thing that I'm not good enough at cooking to actually try them because I would surely never stop eating. I digress. A smaller amount of my pins are less unhealthy and these are four that I've tried the last month.

Chili cilantro lime chicken was the first meal that I cooked in this kitchen and it came about from me missing my crock pot so much during the months of living with Steve's parents. This recipe is simple and it does taste nice but... When the recipe boasts about the chicken being moist, they're not kidding. It's so moist that neither me nor Steve could deal with the texture. So only make this if you like super-wet food. (And go easy on the coriander maybe.)

Creamy sundried tomato soup was made a night when I was home alone and fancied something vegetarian and also I fancied soup. I always fancy soup. (I've pinned loads of soup recipes because I keep thinking that suddenly Steve's going to start liking vegetables, just like that.) Here's the issue; This is really nice but you need a good blender, the kind that kills everything. Mine wouldn't blend it properly smooth and I think that kind of ruined the experience. If I had a super-blender I think even Steve might eat it.

(I know what you're thinking. "Does she ever actually make anything successfully of Pinterest?!" The answer is yes. I present to you...)

Perfectly soft-boiled eggs. I know, I know. This is strictly speaking not a meal. This is instructions for boiled eggs and I've already raved about them, but these eggs are so good. If you like me, eat an egg every single morning for breakfast (or three if you're feeling crazy), an easy method for soft-cooked eggs is essential. This is how I found out that eggs are better steamed. Yes, you heard me. Steamed. Prepare to get your breakfast rocked.

Slow-baked Mac and Cheese was made for our American-themed Superbowl night and it was nice. We used cheddar rather than the recommended Italian cheese and I'd probably advise people to go with the original recipe as cheddar made it a bit bland. Also, you do well in keeping in mind that this is exactly what it sounds like. It's pasta and cheese. I think it's one of the best combos on earth but other people might be slightly more sophisticated in their food choices. Again, this is a slow-cooker recipe and this is why it suits us very well.

I've been waiting for my coursework instructions all day and they were only just uploaded so I'm going to get started on that right away. For dinner tonight, an old favourite: simple chicken curry.

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