Tuesday, 19 March 2013

10 reasons to smile 11.0

Picture from my Pinterest.

one - That the end is nigh. The end of my studies that is. This is also kind of terrifying, but the knowledge that my thesis will soon be a fading memory outweighs everything else.

two - the sugar cravings are starting to calm themselves down after two weeks of eating healthy. Instead I've gotten addicted to fruit, oh crazy me.

three - I've gotten into a nice little routine these days. Eat breakfast, do the most essential cleaning, study, coffee, study, eat, study, eat, study, and then watch TV whilst browsing through blogs and Pinterest. One more week to go...

four - I'm not cold right now. (Did I mention that I'm struggling a bit with this post today?)

five - On Saturday I'm picking up my new glasses! Obviously I won't be wearing them much since they make me look like my eyes are pea-sized and my ears hurt, but still. Quite excited about getting something new FOR FREE.

six - There is so much good TV right now. Girls, HIMYM, New Girl and in a few weeks the new season of Game of Thrones starts!

seven - All my laundry is done. What can I say, it's the little things that matter?

eight - At any moment now spring will arrive, I'm sure. Away with heavy jackets!

nine - I'm so pleased with our house at the moment. And a good thing about being on a complete spending ban is that I don't feel stressed out about the things I need to buy. It can all wait. Who needs curtains anyway? (Cue four months of planning my curtain shopping on Pinterest.)

ten - Spring break starts next week. Not that I've been having that many classes lately anyway, but it's nice to have an official holiday. Plus Easter is near. I've been searching everywhere for birch twigs to decorate the house in a la Swedish Easter but I can't find any. Next week I'm going to force my mom to post some in February.

That was a real challenge. My brain is a bit mushy and full of university work these days. Check out this post for last March's 10 reasons to smile! (First one ever actually, woohoo, milestone kind of.)

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