Sunday, 3 March 2013

2nd and 3rd of March

Pictures from my Instagram. 

Apologies for the terrible and very drab pictures but I wanted to add something from my own life rather than just images from Pinterest all the times. And unfortunately it looks like I've only posted three images on Instagram since last Sunday and these are them. The first one represents me getting my garden cut. I didn't actually cut it at all, I took Steve's nieces to their swimming lesson and instead Steve's dad cut it. So in fact, that picture represents me sipping on a coffee and scrolling through Twitter in the pool cafeteria. I know what you're all thinking; I live a glamorous life. Speaking of pools, I'm still ecstatic about my booked holiday and Steve now has set certain times of the day that are "holiday discussion free". Simply because the subject is rapidly becoming exhausted.

The second and the third picture represents me being decisive regarding a map that I bought on Etsy a year ago and that's been sitting in its frame next to our couch for a month. On Friday I decided to take the matter in my own DIY-experienced hands and borrow a hammer so that I could hang the painting above our couch. I consulted so many websites on how high the print should go (and it is now at art gallery height standards I'll have you know) but for some reason I didn't really look up how to hammer the actual nail in. It's been done (by me) plenty of times before and I just assume that it would go well. Pretty damn silly. As soon as I hit the hammer on the head of the nail, the wall just crumbled to pieces. For some reason I then thought "that was probably just bad luck, I'll try putting another nail in next to it". That one crumbled as well (and that nail is crooked). Luckily, the painting covers both nails and hopefully the painting is staying up for a long time. (Also, sneak peek of my living room with additional accessories e.g. hammer, measurement tape, crumpled up quilt etc. Enjoy.)

The main reason why I wanted to have the painting up was because Steve was having a party with his work colleagues on the Saturday night and I wanted to make the house look lived in. Rather than the current "we moved in six weeks ago and this house will never get further than than to the state of 'half-finished'" look that's been going on lately. I also made cookies as well as cheese and bacon swirls for the guests, plus we ordered Chinese towards the end of the night. It was a last big feast of food because tomorrow Steve is starting on a diet (as soon as he has lost enough weight we're both starting the gym) which means that very little fatty foods will enter our house. I am trying to be supportive but the truth is that I'm really going to miss eating bacon and cheese on a daily basis.

(Oh, the party was great although someone managed to lean a chair against a wall so that paint was scraped off, in two places. In other words, in the duration of two days there is now four new holes in our newly painted living room. Looks like it'll be a while before any pictures of that room ever sees the daylight again.) 

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