Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A story about my face that I have clearly neglected until recently

Woah! Sorry about throwing a giant picture of double-me as soon as you load the page. Wasn't my intention to scare you at all. Also, in case you're wondering; that's a poncho I'm wearing. So? It's really comfortable so don't trash it until you've tried it. (Yes, I'm putting on proper clothes soon, I have an eye appointment.) The reason why I posted a rare way-too-much-face-shot is because I've discovered a couple of things regarding my face:

1. Not putting mascara on the lower lashes is good. I'm sure the rest of you are wondering what's wrong with me for not realising this earlier but at some point when I tried makeup for the first time my mom told me to put mascara on the lower lashes and I've done it ever since. Otherwise my nose would overpower my eyes and nobody would ever notice them, I thought. It turns out that this is the trick if I wish to sport a more natural look during the days. I've also kind of embraced my large nose. Character and all that. Plus, no more under-eye-smudge. Win!

2. I bought my first ever blush in a peachy tone (the Rimmel Santa Rose blush) and I love it. These photos don't do it justice because my entire cheek and jaw area becomes really purple-ish when I'm cold and I am currently cold. Ever since I started wearing makeup I've been buying pink or pink-brown blushes and I'm terrible at trying out new things but I wanted to make a change. Anyway, I'm not allowed to walk into any kind of store that stocks makeup because I end up spending far too much. Yesterday I went into Boots to see if they had foundations that are actually in my skin tone* and I didn't get a foundation. Instead I got two new blushes, a lipstick and a powder brush. Those spending days are over now.**

17 Beehive lipstick. (All I think about when I look at this picture is a scene in Family Guy where a lipstick pops up and... Well, if you've seen it you know what I mean, and if you haven't you're probably better off.)

This became a very beauty-related post and it really wasn't supposed to be because I know nothing about makeup or beauty (as evidenced by my only-upper-lash-mascara-inexperience). I was actually supposed to do an "a picture an hour" post that I started on yesterday. Unfortunately, being in university from 12pm-5pm results in a huge amount of boring pictures and half of my pictures were really bad anyway. The lipstick picture is from last night anyway when I was inspecting my recent acquisitions. This is a really nice, casual lipstick by the way and I wouldn't have bought it or the blushes if I hadn't watched a video by www.lipssofacto.com/. A great beauty blog by the way. (No wonder I just wrote a post entirely dedicated to makeup, it's all I ever read about these days). Last week's deadlines were hit in case anybody's wondering although it did make my social life non-existent.   Hopefully I'll be able to blog once or twice more before thesis-deadline the 25th.

P.S. I have no idea what my hair is doing on the pictures. Why does that one strand of hair insist on staying straight and separate itself from all the other strands? Rebel-strand?

*This is the story: On Saturday I went to the shopping centre to make an appointment with the optician and I needed foundation as my current one was bought in the summer and it's just too orange for this season. I'd heard lots of good things about the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation so I just grabbed the lightest one and went home. When I got home and had put it on I realised that this one was ALSO orange and too dark for me. It turns out that the lightest shade my local Boots stocks is actually the third lightest shade (which is hard to believe, a LOT of people I know need one of the lighter shades). That'll teach me for making hasty purchases and not reading the number on the labels. Since it's opened I can't return it but luckily I can just about wear it as long as I don't wear too much. Maybe it'll be a good thing in a month or so when the weather gets better. 

**In the evening I sat down to order more oil (it's so cold, we have the heating on constantly) and at the same time review my monthly budget. It turns out that last month I made a major miscalculation, as in "oops, I forgot to include that we have a solicitor bill worth a grand to pay". I had a freak-out when I realised how little money that I actually have left of my student loan and I thought the only way out would be to cancel our holiday. If you've spent any time with me the last few weeks you realise that this holiday is all I talk about. Steve is a champion however for calming me down and telling me that the holiday is not off. We're just going to have to be a little (A LOT) more stringent when it comes to purchases. In other words, I am not buying any more makeup, possibly until I get a job. We'll see when that happens. 

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