Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Favourite rugs

First draft of the thesis is in, life is good.

Apart from the fact that I'm having some serious shopping cravings. In particular for my house. It's difficult to have it kind of ready but no room is fully ready. I've been following the six-week-challenge at Design Manifest and I could give anything to be in the situation where I could focus on one room for six weeks. First on my list would be to finish my living room. Because my money situation is pretty dire, I spend every evening scouring online auction websites. You know, just in case a £20 vintage teal wingback chair suddenly pops up for sale. And I'm gonna take a trip to my local hardware store and buy some curtains next weekend. I've spent weeks searching for an affordable pair that are good-looking and lined. I've come to the conclusion that those curtains don't exist, so I'm going for the first two criteria; affordable and good-looking. (I'll just sacrifice my social life in April for that). There's also a part of me who'd really like to ask Steve's dad to create built-in shelves next to my fireplace and throw out my old IKEA bookcase that's there at the moment.

That may all be achievable, but most of all I want a rug. A high pile rug with a nice pattern.

Unfortunately my taste in rugs is ridiculously expensive. Does anyone want to buy me a £600 rug?

P.S. I'll post something less materialistic soon. I just needed to share these rugs with everyone. All rugs can be found on my Pinterest wishlist.

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