Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pastel pink

All images from my Pinterest board.

I just realised I made a mistake painting my hallway blue. I should've painted it pastel pink. Clearly it's an amazing colour with loads of opportunities for nice decorating and I really should've convinced Steve that I was right in wanting that colour from the start (as I always am). So hunting for ideas on what to do with my blue hallway just resulted in the realisation that there is nothing to do with a blue wall because it was an INSANE idea from the start.

I'm just hoping powder blue will be in next year and Pinterest will be filled with pictures on how to style it. 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The week I finally finished my thesis and became normal again

What's going on? I've uploaded a lot of pictures on Instagram this week (9). In fact, more than one a day which is craziness considering it's me and I have like four followers. Celebrating this with six pictures rather than three.

This week was thesis week, it was due in on Friday and I handed it in binded with black spiral and looking smashing if I say so myself. (Do you also get that thing where you spend so much time with e.g. coursework that your perceptions of things are altered? Like a while ago I created a graph that I was very pleased with and caught myself thinking 'that's a pretty sexy graph'. I need an intervention.)

On Monday I went for breakfast with my friend Kathryn before class and I had french toast goodness with bacon and maple syrup. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I stayed at home and finished my thesis. I actually finished writing it on Tuesday, but it took another two days to double-check the whole thing. I refused to look at it again ever since I handed it in because I'm terrified of realising that I've actually made tons of mistakes in my final version.

On Friday I went to class and in the evening I went out for cocktails as a treat for finally getting the thesis done. Me and Steve went for lunch yesterday. The rest of the weekend I've been working on a presentation for tomorrow and yesterday I studied outside in the lovely weather! I didn't wear any sunscreen however and that was utter stupidity. My knees got burnt (only my knees though, whaat?). Lets be honest, I'm just happy that something in my life happened that isn't connected to food or thesis, even if it's red, itchy skin.

Next week I'm looking forward to wrapping up the last of my coursework (ever) before exams and then it's Steve's birthday on Saturday. I love birthdays, even more so when they're not mine.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring clothes wishlist

I'm currently supposed to be in work-mode, because I'm very close to being finished with my thesis. Obviously I spent an hour looking at clothes instead. For the past few months I've been keeping a little document where I scribble down things that I want, and it's interesting to tick off any of the things that I get or remove things that I realise that I don't want at all (this happens more often than it should). I decided to do a little visual compilation of the type of clothes that I currently want. They're not very adventurous, it's just a couple of items that I think would look nice for spring. (Not all together at once though, that would look a bit crazy.)

1 from the Cambridge Satchel Co.
2 from Oasis.
3 from Jcrew.
4 from Topshop.
5 from Zara.
6 from Mango.

Most of these are not in my price range. Maybe they are in yours? Happy shopping!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Presenting the worst Instagram photos yet

Images from my Instagram.

If there was a prize for worst trio of Instagram photos in the world, these photos would make me an instant winner. Blurry, crooked photos... What's not to like? Honestly though, I spared you from even worse photos. Earlier today I uploaded a photo from Tesco. What a treat for all my followers. 

I aim to make this post short and sweet. This week I went back to university and it was nice to actually get out and meet people again. (Who doesn't like a reason to have to brush your hair in the mornings?) On Tuesday I wasn't in Belfast however, instead I went for lunch with a friend and then we had a look around the shops. I accidentally bought a bag which made me feel angsty for four days but now I've gotten over it. Everyone needs a treat in a while. On Thursday this month's Glossybox arrived and I loved it. I keep deciding to not renew my subscription when it's done and then they do something like throwing in a full bottle of Essie nail polish in a shade I really wanted. Oh well, I'll just stay for a little while longer then... 

On Friday I went to Belfast and when I was on my way back I talked to Steve's mom who asked if I wanted to stop by a castle where she and Steve's dad were having lunch. I did, and then they bought me lunch (plus cake!) Yesterday I did some work on my thesis (it's so close to done now!) and then me and Steve had take-away and watched TV together. Today I spent the entire day finishing a piece of coursework that I've been postponing since before Easter and apart from a quick grocery shop, I haven't left the house. I literally only finished it an hour ago. All in all, it feels like I had a productive week, totally uncharacteristic for me.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Here's that face again (mine)

Yeah, sorry about that gigantic picture of me. Also, I'm sorry for not smiling properly but there were numerous pictures taken and trust me. You're better off not seeing any of the ones where I'm smiling. 

Oh, look at me, all fancy not looking into the camera-posing. 

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was frustrated and vented my need for buying makeup in more orange-y shades in this post. That was mainly due to the fact this year I have decided to have a summer. I know, summer doesn't actually show up to this country (more than for a day or two). Nevermind what the weather says, I'm going to embrace the idea of lazy, hazy summer days. That means I'm going to wear summery clothes with bare legs and I don't care if I'm cold. It's just going to happen. I'm going to buy fake tan and I will persist with it, no matter how bad it smells or how much it stains my bedding. If summer isn't coming to me, I'll just take matters into my own hands.

That was a bit of a sinister rant when all I really wanted to say is that I bought a few things when I was out last Tuesday. I got a Barry M nail polish in shade 'Papaya' which is really quite orange with a peach tint on my nails anyway. I also got a lip and cheek tint (I wanted to get Revlon Coral Reef but I couldn't find it) and I'm wearing it in the pictures above but... It really doesn't show up. And lastly, I got a Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. It's fairly orange in it's casing. It's not really orange on me (see photo above). I suspect that my lips are just a little bit too dark. Well, it's a nice change from wearing pink or red anyway.

A few budget makeup items is all well and good, but I also accidentally treated myself to something slightly more expensive. A tiny Steve Madden bag found at TK Maxx for £20. I looked at their website and it's not on there (so I'm assuming it's last year's collection) but considering what they usually cost, this is kind of a bargain. At least that's how I'm justifying it to myself. Hey, I didn't have a neon yellow bag, this is so necessary! I'm gonna blame my friend Beth too because she's the one who found it and showed it to me.

I do love her. (The bag.) Considering this purchase, I'm not allowed to complain about money again on this blog for at least four weeks. I have only myself to blame when I'm eating beans out of a can for dinner later in April. (But it'll probably be worth it.)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

10 reasons to smile 12.0

Almost Famous, image from my Pinterest.

one - It's raining outside, but I don't have to go outside at all today if I don't want to. Which makes rain a pretty good thing.

two - Two pieces of coursework, a presentation and a thesis to go. And exams! I am so close to getting my life back.

three - I've finally sorted out Steve's birthday present(s). Obviously I can't write anything here because although normally the last thing on earth that he would ever do is read my blog, I can't take any chances.

four - I do realise that I'm insane for including this on the list but: the existence of clothes lines. Seriously, have you ever had the fortune of owning a clothesline? No more waiting 24 hours between washes because there's not enough drying space.

five - Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend. I like friends. And lunch. Especially lunch.

six - Healthy eating is going well, I'm not starving and I also don't deprive myself of treats (see above) which makes it pretty doable.

seven - My family is visiting in two and a half months, for almost two weeks. I can't wait to have them around so much that the novelty wears off.

eight - Speaking of things to look forward to, exactly four months from today is the day me and Steve go to Malta. I don't even care about how crazy it is that I'm already making plans for what to pack. (Preparation is key.)

nine - These new colours on my blog are making me so happy. So happy that I'm at the verge of reading my own blog, which is kind of sad.

ten - Game of Thrones is back on TV and so is Mad Men. My life is pretty much complete.

Bonus-happiness-reason: Have you listened to Darwin Deez's self-titled album? He has a new one out, but that first album... There's some great lyrics.

More-bonus-stuff: Want to read my happiness post in April last year? It can be found here. Apologies for the giant picture in the middle of the post, when I changed my blog design I messed up the 600px restriction on images.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Last week of Easter holidays

Images from my Instagram.

Is it not awful when you sit down to write about your week and you remember almost nothing? This week may as well not have existed (but it also kind of means that I most likely got some work done and that's pretty good). So, a speedy summary: Monday I studied. Tuesday I studied. On Wednesday I went to Belfast and met with my supervisor and studied. I also got hollered at on the street and told that I look like a supermodel. It would've been an extraordinary compliment if he hadn't added "honestly". As if he was that certain that I was going to disagree. It makes the compliment seem less genuine, you know.

On Thursday I finally got my curtains up in the front room and it actually feels like a real room, rather than some warehouse that we've decided to drag a couch into. I'm still missing a few items, but none of them are that urgent. Yesterday me and Steve went for lunch at a new place called 'Unch' and it was so nice. Too nice actually, because now I just want to go back as soon as possible. I'm obsessed with going out for food. In the evening I went over to a friend's house and today I've been taking it easy and catching up on chores for the following week. Me and Steve took a walk in the village and although the sun was shining it was so windy that we could barely hear each other speak. That's okay. I'm just happy that I left the house for a little while.

It's been a week very centered around my home, which was suitable considering it was the last week of my Easter holidays. Tomorrow my classes start again and I have three intensive weeks of handing in coursework and thesis. Plus I have a bigger presentation to do which is actually scarier than anything else, including my thesis.

P.S. The smoothie seen on my Instagram is called a "hangover smoothie" and although I drank it without having a hangover, it was still delicious. I found it here. It's the only smoothie my blender seems to be able to make. Because it sucks. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Recent Ebay purchases or How To Not Model In Photos

Last Sunday I mentioned how obsessed I've become with Ebay. Over the course of four days I bought four items and at the moment I'm selling one. I have more things to sell but because I've never sold before I thought I'd start off with one thing and see if I learn anything along the way. There is currently one bid on my shoes but I'm kind of hoping the bidding will take off tonight.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to sell two of the items that I bought even though they were the two that I was looking forward to the most (and felt like I really needed). A cream blazer that I bought is slightly too big for me so that's a shame. I live in my blazers most of the time and love them but the ones I have are in very dark colours and I needed a nude/cream one for this summer, especially for the evenings. I also bought a pair of nude heels which I've been looking for forever, but they're too small. I'm perplexed. I wear a size 38 all the time, without fail. This is a size 5 in the UK and they've always fit me but this is the second pair of this type of shoe that have been too small. I had a good look at my feet today and realised that the issue might be with the shape of my feet. They seem to be too wide around the toes? So the issue starts when I try to put my foot into the shoe, my toes just won't fit in the top part. If I use some serious force I can squeeze them in, but one of my toes end up being crushed, pleading for me to just end its life. I don't know whether a size 6 will give them more room and if they do, will my heels just slip around at the top? Maybe I should just accept the fact that I will never be able to wear that particular type of shoe.

That was a long, moany paragraph. No worries, here's pictures of the two items that I will definitely keep.

A pair of black, strappy (low) heels that I think will look great in the summer. (In size 5, may I add). And a pair of jeans that are slightly more pink/peach in reality but they look really bright in this photo. I do apologise for that second photo, I was desperately trying to take a few pictures in the only bright room in this house but it has a huge window and my neighbor kept staring at me as I was running back and forth between the self-timer and the designated posing area. I panicked, took three photos of myself and then shut down the modelling operations. Clearly posing is not my forte and all photos but this one came out blurry. What's going on with my feet? Why are they always ridiculously red at the bottom and blue at the top? Why are they a size 5 length-wise but shaped like duck feet? Can anything be done about that? 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

New, sexy-ish blog

Total make-over. Kind off. But at least this blog feels slightly fresher than my old one. I'm guessing you have already forgotten what the old one looked like (because I certainly have and it was only removed like two minutes ago.)

See? How terribly drab. Well, I did like it when I got it a year ago but it didn't quite feel like me at the moment. I am a little worried about two things; first of all that this background is too pink, because it's very baby pink on my laptop, rather than soft pastel pink. However on Steve's computer it looks perfect, so who knows which one is right. Let me know if the pink colour is burning your eyes! Also, I'm well aware that my profile picture is burning your eyes, but don't worry. It shall be changed when I have a good hair day.

Secondly, although I made up the background and header myself just now, I have this worrying feeling that I'm actually copying someone else's design. I just don't know who. (I don't mean necessarily by using triangles because... A lot of people use triangles. Triangle as a shape has been around for a while. But colours, layout, etc.) Do let me know if you see something that looks suspiciously similar and link it so that I can have a look.

I actually had another blog post in mind for today, before I suddenly got sucked into changing my blog, so we'll see if an additional post shows up later. Or maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Birthday party

A while ago I managed to convince Steve that his 24th birthday is a big deal and that he really needs to have a party. So far he has agreed to invite his family over for a birthday party during the day. I'm kind of hoping that he's eventually going to agree to host a less sophisticated birthday party with our friends later during the night, but it's going to take some convincing. The worst part of a birthday party is inevitably the fact that we're going to have to spend a lot of time baking the day before (in the middle of thesis-times), but it is overshadowed by the fact that I get to do the decorating. Steve has banned any bunting from entering our house so unfortunately that won't happen. I've learnt my lesson however and just won't ask for his input from now on. He'll simply wake up May 4th to a house filled with party streamers, balloons and mini flags stuck into anything edible. 

I haven't decided on a colour scheme yet but I need to do it very soon. Stuff from Pinterest that inspire me, coming up:

All images can be found on my Pinterest holiday board here.

Help me deciding on a colour scheme! Two colours, possibly three if you're good at convincing me. I'm on a budget here.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Diary of first week of actual spring

Number of hours spent doing uni work today: 3
Number of hours spent watching beauty videos today: 3

Pictures from my Instagram.

This week the sun was out, which I haven't failed mentioning in my last four posts. (Obsessed with the weather?!) For anyone who doesn't live in Northern Ireland it is important that you know that the default weather here is cloudy, sometimes with accompanying rain. I don't mind a little rain, and I certainly prefer rain over darkness and biting cold at the start of the year (like in Sweden), but later in the year I would sell my soul for some sunshine. Bikini-season is just not the same when you have to wear a jacket outdoors. The point is that this week was cold but the sun was out. I spent at least an hour in a garden chair (borrowed by Steve's parents) wearing four layers of clothing and a dose of sun cream each day. It improved my skin (because irritated skin is just not as prominent when you have a bit of a tan) and more importantly, my mood.

Apart from spending time outside and repainting my IKEA furniture, I had my friend Kathryn over on Thursday night for cake baking and a viewing of Disney movies. Oh, Disney. I have a definite soft spot for you, probably due to my unnatural fondness of nostalgia. We watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Thursday, but the day after I couldn't restrain myself from watching The Lady and The Tramp as well. Too good. And obviously I love cake. Another thing that I've been spending a fair amount of time doing is browsing Ebay. Since I can't afford proper shopping but there is plenty of things that I need, I decided to take my time and simply wait until I get a good deal online. I have a bag of things to sell, so I'm hoping to make all of it back. I've bought two things; a blazer for £4 and a pair of jeans for £6.50 (plus I had to pay shipping costs for both). They should arrive later next week and I'm very excited!

This weekend has been very lazy, mainly spent on the couch with Steve. Last night we had takeaway and watched Revolution, a new show that we've decided to follow. (Post-apocalyptic world, etc. The usual kind of stuff that we watch together. It's fairly entertaining so far though.) Apart from a little bit of university work on my part, the only productive thing we did was to go and buy curtains for our front room yesterday. I have never before realised how exciting curtains are! They're not up yet because I need to put up the curtain pole first and I decided to let Steve's dad do that considering that last time I tried to put a nail in the wall it crumbled. I'd rather not ruin another wall!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Updating my bedside tables or How To Not Paint Furniture

I wouldn't call myself crafty. Or even particularly creative or remotely capable of thinking outside the box. I'm also not very patient and I don't like to have to think my home improvements through. So on Thursday morning, as I was browsing through Pinterest (let's face it; I bet about 95% of failed crafts happened after a leisurely browse on Pinterest and the words "Hey, building my own coffee table doesn't look difficult at all") and sadly thinking of all the things that I want to fix in my home. Like the fact that we've been using these IKEA Frosta stools as bedside table for three months now. Steve hates these plywood miracles but I think they are brilliant. I told him as I stacked two of them in our IKEA trolley that they would be useful and they are. As we can't afford bedside tables right now. A sidenote: How can bedside tables be so expensive? They seem to be at least £30 in most places and a lot of people need two. Suddenly the cost is about equal to our bed. (Almost.) I've resigned myself to just look for second-hand tables but I haven't found anything that I like yet.

So naturally I thought "I should just paint those bad boys".

Here's a warning: This is not a post designed to guide people, because I did virtually everything wrong (knowingly). This is just me wanting to show off what a difference I thought they made once they had been painted. Here are the Frosta stools before painting, next to my bed in its natural environment and outside.

I sanded the stools just in case there were any imperfections and then I lifted them outside. I briefly considered priming them with some sort of wood primer but thought "I'm going to paint them with leftover wall paint - it's not like these will last very long anyway". So I carried them outside since it was nice weather and so that paint fumes wouldn't kill me inside. This is a bad idea by the way, because if it's windy small grains of dirt will fly through the air and literally seek that paint out. Once you realise, you'll have to quickly move the half-painted stool back indoors whilst desperately hoping that the stools aren't touching your favourite pair of jeans. (Because obviously you didn't change before painting either. Takes too long.) I painted the stools, waited a day because of other commitments (but they were dry after about two hours) and then painted them again. I'm so pleased with the pop of colour they brought to our bedroom.

Our bedroom is mainly in neutral colours whilst I'm waiting for the opportunity to buy curtains that I like and can afford, and I felt like this really made a difference. I used wall paint by Crown (called "Boutique" I think) because we have a bunch of small sample tins that we bought when we were deciding on what colour to have in our hallway. They won't last, but for a DIY that literally took me about 45 minutes of actual work, I don't mind. It goes without saying, if these pieces had been expensive I wouldn't have tempted this!

A last picture of our bed plus Frosta stools in all its gloriousness is necessary. Sorry about the messy look, I just can't a bed made for more than about half an hour in the morning.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Summer wishlist - coral theme

I currently have a desperate need for shopping. It's not good you guys, because I am very poor. When looking at the wishlist that I'm currently housing (it is far too full), I noticed a pattern. There's an awful lot of coral items on it. I'm thinking it's possibly due to the unusually nice weather (I've spent the past two days bundled up in four layers of clothing in our garden, enjoying it anyway because the sun was out), because I've been reading this beauty blog too much and maybe also because Mad Men season 6 is imminent. Truth to be told, I'm not even sure coral as a shade suits me. I'd be happy to find out though.

I love Rimmel nail polishes, they last longer on my nails than a lot of the more expensive ones. Can be found here and here. The jeans are actually described as "salmon" rather than coral, but I think they'd go nicely with the other stuff, right? Revlon lip butters happens to be one of my favourite lip products ever, simply because I'm a coward so I can't deal with lipstick on a casual day. I want this tutti frutti version! It looks awfully pink in this photo, but I'd love a coral tube skirt to wear out with high heels and a cropped top or dressed down with knits. Lastly, I have never tried a cream blush which is why my heart is slowly convincing my brain that this is a necessary buy. In total this wish list adds up to £57.19. Let's just not get Steve a birthday present this year... 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Diary of my laziest week so far

Number of confirmatory factor analyses done today: 0
Number of Pretty Little Liars episodes watched today: 3

Pictures from my Instagram.

So last week I had loads of free time for the first time in ages and obviously I planned on writing loads on this blog... But that didn't happen. Obviously. Just like always, as soon as there wasn't a deadline hanging over me, I just stopped being useful. Suddenly it was almost weekend and I thought "I might as well wait until Sunday and then I'll do a little recap over the last few weeks". That didn't happen either. Today when I sat down to properly get back into doing work I suddenly felt the urge to blog. It never fails, my consistent need to postpone important work.

Tuesday was my first proper day off (I had actually decided to be off) and I celebrated by having lunch with a close friend and just eating heinous amounts / catching up in general. It was amazing to feel like a normal person again and to think about something else than phonics. I have no idea what I did on Wednesday and Thursday but judging by the small amount of work I did on my discussion for my thesis it looks like I mainly watched Pretty Little Liars. At this point I had also managed to get a full-blown cold that decided to appear as soon as I had handed in my thesis. (Thank you, my incredibly weak body, for at least postponing the cold until after my deadline was over.)

On Friday I went to Steve's niece's birthday party where I was in charge of painting all the girls' nails and putting (light) makeup on. It was hilarious, I entered the house and the birthday girl had organised a "spa" in her living room, complete with candles, soothing music and girl magazines. I was a little taken aback, because it feels like just recently that I moved over here and she was playing in a jungle gym, but clearly I'm the most old-fashioned 22-year old ever. I can't even keep up with what's cool now. They're not yet teenagers, but also not small children. They're in that "tween" stage where nothing but Little Mix and earrings matter. I tried to play it cool anyway, and brought six different shades of pink nail polish which went down well. There was already a multitude of glitter nail polishes and about a dozen of lip glosses, which was good since I'm fairly low on stock when it comes to those items...

On Saturday I went to a house party at a friend's house and it was a messy night. In a good way. I had a lot of fun and luckily for me, I can only remember good things about Saturday. Unfortunately I had to pay for it on Sunday though, when I spent the entire day in my bed, watching TV shows and feeling like the world had ended. It was exactly the motivation I needed to not feel bad about staying home and studying all weekends of April rather than going out... (Also, that wasted Sunday is the reason why neither me nor Steve left the house to get Easter eggs. It's as if the Easter holiday didn't even happen. Next year I'm getting two eggs, a rabbit and the biggest Easter tree I can find.)

Yesterday was nice and calm. Steve was off and I celebrated by pretending like it was a Sunday, watching TV and having lunch at Steve's parents' house. The evening ended with Game of Thrones, which I could write a paragraph about, but I won't. This post is long enough as it is. There is not words to describe it anyhow. (Mad Men starts in a week's time as well so there's a couple of months of seriously good TV to enjoy.) Other currently good things; I drove on my own for the first time ever on Friday (and only took a wrong turn once), that it looks like we've seen the last of snow for this year and I'm hoping to get curtains this weekend. I'll let you know how that goes.