Wednesday, 17 April 2013

10 reasons to smile 12.0

Almost Famous, image from my Pinterest.

one - It's raining outside, but I don't have to go outside at all today if I don't want to. Which makes rain a pretty good thing.

two - Two pieces of coursework, a presentation and a thesis to go. And exams! I am so close to getting my life back.

three - I've finally sorted out Steve's birthday present(s). Obviously I can't write anything here because although normally the last thing on earth that he would ever do is read my blog, I can't take any chances.

four - I do realise that I'm insane for including this on the list but: the existence of clothes lines. Seriously, have you ever had the fortune of owning a clothesline? No more waiting 24 hours between washes because there's not enough drying space.

five - Yesterday I had lunch with a good friend. I like friends. And lunch. Especially lunch.

six - Healthy eating is going well, I'm not starving and I also don't deprive myself of treats (see above) which makes it pretty doable.

seven - My family is visiting in two and a half months, for almost two weeks. I can't wait to have them around so much that the novelty wears off.

eight - Speaking of things to look forward to, exactly four months from today is the day me and Steve go to Malta. I don't even care about how crazy it is that I'm already making plans for what to pack. (Preparation is key.)

nine - These new colours on my blog are making me so happy. So happy that I'm at the verge of reading my own blog, which is kind of sad.

ten - Game of Thrones is back on TV and so is Mad Men. My life is pretty much complete.

Bonus-happiness-reason: Have you listened to Darwin Deez's self-titled album? He has a new one out, but that first album... There's some great lyrics.

More-bonus-stuff: Want to read my happiness post in April last year? It can be found here. Apologies for the giant picture in the middle of the post, when I changed my blog design I messed up the 600px restriction on images.

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