Sunday, 7 April 2013

Diary of first week of actual spring

Number of hours spent doing uni work today: 3
Number of hours spent watching beauty videos today: 3

Pictures from my Instagram.

This week the sun was out, which I haven't failed mentioning in my last four posts. (Obsessed with the weather?!) For anyone who doesn't live in Northern Ireland it is important that you know that the default weather here is cloudy, sometimes with accompanying rain. I don't mind a little rain, and I certainly prefer rain over darkness and biting cold at the start of the year (like in Sweden), but later in the year I would sell my soul for some sunshine. Bikini-season is just not the same when you have to wear a jacket outdoors. The point is that this week was cold but the sun was out. I spent at least an hour in a garden chair (borrowed by Steve's parents) wearing four layers of clothing and a dose of sun cream each day. It improved my skin (because irritated skin is just not as prominent when you have a bit of a tan) and more importantly, my mood.

Apart from spending time outside and repainting my IKEA furniture, I had my friend Kathryn over on Thursday night for cake baking and a viewing of Disney movies. Oh, Disney. I have a definite soft spot for you, probably due to my unnatural fondness of nostalgia. We watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame on Thursday, but the day after I couldn't restrain myself from watching The Lady and The Tramp as well. Too good. And obviously I love cake. Another thing that I've been spending a fair amount of time doing is browsing Ebay. Since I can't afford proper shopping but there is plenty of things that I need, I decided to take my time and simply wait until I get a good deal online. I have a bag of things to sell, so I'm hoping to make all of it back. I've bought two things; a blazer for £4 and a pair of jeans for £6.50 (plus I had to pay shipping costs for both). They should arrive later next week and I'm very excited!

This weekend has been very lazy, mainly spent on the couch with Steve. Last night we had takeaway and watched Revolution, a new show that we've decided to follow. (Post-apocalyptic world, etc. The usual kind of stuff that we watch together. It's fairly entertaining so far though.) Apart from a little bit of university work on my part, the only productive thing we did was to go and buy curtains for our front room yesterday. I have never before realised how exciting curtains are! They're not up yet because I need to put up the curtain pole first and I decided to let Steve's dad do that considering that last time I tried to put a nail in the wall it crumbled. I'd rather not ruin another wall!

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