Thursday, 18 April 2013

Here's that face again (mine)

Yeah, sorry about that gigantic picture of me. Also, I'm sorry for not smiling properly but there were numerous pictures taken and trust me. You're better off not seeing any of the ones where I'm smiling. 

Oh, look at me, all fancy not looking into the camera-posing. 

So anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was frustrated and vented my need for buying makeup in more orange-y shades in this post. That was mainly due to the fact this year I have decided to have a summer. I know, summer doesn't actually show up to this country (more than for a day or two). Nevermind what the weather says, I'm going to embrace the idea of lazy, hazy summer days. That means I'm going to wear summery clothes with bare legs and I don't care if I'm cold. It's just going to happen. I'm going to buy fake tan and I will persist with it, no matter how bad it smells or how much it stains my bedding. If summer isn't coming to me, I'll just take matters into my own hands.

That was a bit of a sinister rant when all I really wanted to say is that I bought a few things when I was out last Tuesday. I got a Barry M nail polish in shade 'Papaya' which is really quite orange with a peach tint on my nails anyway. I also got a lip and cheek tint (I wanted to get Revlon Coral Reef but I couldn't find it) and I'm wearing it in the pictures above but... It really doesn't show up. And lastly, I got a Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. It's fairly orange in it's casing. It's not really orange on me (see photo above). I suspect that my lips are just a little bit too dark. Well, it's a nice change from wearing pink or red anyway.

A few budget makeup items is all well and good, but I also accidentally treated myself to something slightly more expensive. A tiny Steve Madden bag found at TK Maxx for £20. I looked at their website and it's not on there (so I'm assuming it's last year's collection) but considering what they usually cost, this is kind of a bargain. At least that's how I'm justifying it to myself. Hey, I didn't have a neon yellow bag, this is so necessary! I'm gonna blame my friend Beth too because she's the one who found it and showed it to me.

I do love her. (The bag.) Considering this purchase, I'm not allowed to complain about money again on this blog for at least four weeks. I have only myself to blame when I'm eating beans out of a can for dinner later in April. (But it'll probably be worth it.)

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