Sunday, 14 April 2013

Last week of Easter holidays

Images from my Instagram.

Is it not awful when you sit down to write about your week and you remember almost nothing? This week may as well not have existed (but it also kind of means that I most likely got some work done and that's pretty good). So, a speedy summary: Monday I studied. Tuesday I studied. On Wednesday I went to Belfast and met with my supervisor and studied. I also got hollered at on the street and told that I look like a supermodel. It would've been an extraordinary compliment if he hadn't added "honestly". As if he was that certain that I was going to disagree. It makes the compliment seem less genuine, you know.

On Thursday I finally got my curtains up in the front room and it actually feels like a real room, rather than some warehouse that we've decided to drag a couch into. I'm still missing a few items, but none of them are that urgent. Yesterday me and Steve went for lunch at a new place called 'Unch' and it was so nice. Too nice actually, because now I just want to go back as soon as possible. I'm obsessed with going out for food. In the evening I went over to a friend's house and today I've been taking it easy and catching up on chores for the following week. Me and Steve took a walk in the village and although the sun was shining it was so windy that we could barely hear each other speak. That's okay. I'm just happy that I left the house for a little while.

It's been a week very centered around my home, which was suitable considering it was the last week of my Easter holidays. Tomorrow my classes start again and I have three intensive weeks of handing in coursework and thesis. Plus I have a bigger presentation to do which is actually scarier than anything else, including my thesis.

P.S. The smoothie seen on my Instagram is called a "hangover smoothie" and although I drank it without having a hangover, it was still delicious. I found it here. It's the only smoothie my blender seems to be able to make. Because it sucks. 

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