Thursday, 11 April 2013

New, sexy-ish blog

Total make-over. Kind off. But at least this blog feels slightly fresher than my old one. I'm guessing you have already forgotten what the old one looked like (because I certainly have and it was only removed like two minutes ago.)

See? How terribly drab. Well, I did like it when I got it a year ago but it didn't quite feel like me at the moment. I am a little worried about two things; first of all that this background is too pink, because it's very baby pink on my laptop, rather than soft pastel pink. However on Steve's computer it looks perfect, so who knows which one is right. Let me know if the pink colour is burning your eyes! Also, I'm well aware that my profile picture is burning your eyes, but don't worry. It shall be changed when I have a good hair day.

Secondly, although I made up the background and header myself just now, I have this worrying feeling that I'm actually copying someone else's design. I just don't know who. (I don't mean necessarily by using triangles because... A lot of people use triangles. Triangle as a shape has been around for a while. But colours, layout, etc.) Do let me know if you see something that looks suspiciously similar and link it so that I can have a look.

I actually had another blog post in mind for today, before I suddenly got sucked into changing my blog, so we'll see if an additional post shows up later. Or maybe tomorrow.

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